I used to love a klezmer band that went by the name of Jewbacca.
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Klezmer hip hop? Did I hear that correctly?

In a store this afternoon, I heard a few tracks off of an album that I could only classify as klezmer hip hop. There was a very traditional klezmer feel to one track, with the horns, in a minor key, yet there was a very funky hip hop beat underneath it. The next track had a more Arabic sound to it, yet there was still a klezmer, hip hop vibe. I loved it, and I want more. For comparison's sake, it sounded somewhat like Ozomatli, in that there was a real blend of styles. My search on the internet turned up Abraham Inc., which is cool, but isn't it. Can anybody tell me what I heard, or barring that, some other good klezmer hip hop?
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This is a longshot, but it wasn't something from the Borat soundtrack, was it?
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Was it Hip Hop Hoodios? Matisyahu does reggae with a hip-hop vibe. And then there's last year's "Easter Bonnet" contest entry from the cast of the Broadway show "In The Heights", though I think only video is available of that one.
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There is a trip-hop collective-y kind of group, dunklebunt, that put out the amazing moregenlandfahrt album, which is pretty klezmer heavy, and hip-hop-ish.
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Y-love? I'm not sure how Klezmer-y it is, but it's hiphop with elements of Jewish music.
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I heard something on NPR about klezmer hip hop, but wasn't paying attention, so its out there, wish I could be more help.
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Best answer: was it all instrumental or were there any vocals? if so, in what language?

alot of neo-gypsy stuff incorporates hip hop & klezmer sounds - maybe you heard something from Balkan Beat Box?

a good compilation of this kind of music is Gypsy Groove from Putumayo - another one is Electric Gypsyland from Six Degrees
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. Although Hip Hop Hoodios are cool, the singing that I did hear wasn't in English. I am also not knowledgeable enough to know what language it is, except that it ain't English. I suspect it was either Hebrew/Arabic/Yiddish. Nomisxid, dunklebunt it ain't, but that is good stuff. I LOVE that.
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Balkan Beat Box was the band featured on NPR.
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This record (myspace here) is exactly what you are after.
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Brilliant. I didn't include the amazon link, sorry, here it is.
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Response by poster: Jammy got it! Thank you so much! The song I heard is called "Sunday Arak". Off to Itunes to purchase the whole damn album, which is awesome. Thank you askmefi, once again for your valuable assistance and suggestions.
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