Where does a visitor park at Brown at night?
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So I'm going to the Death Cab for Cutie concert in Providence tonight, coming from Boston. It turns out that renting a car and driving is cheaper than seeing the act in Boston due to ridiculous fees. However, the concert's been moved to the Brown University campus. For those who know the campus well--how easy is it to find parking after 5 near Meeham Auditorium? Will it be cheaper/easier to get street parking? Any secretly perfect parking spots? (and so on!) Google Satellite view shows a parking lot right in front of the place, but if it's not public I'd like to avoid circling for parking in a relatively unfamiliar place. Thanks!
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Around that area, I can usually find parking on Brown St or Prospect St. These are parallel to Thayer St (which you must surely know) going towards downtown. It's only a couple blocks' walk.

What you will want to do to be on the correct side of the street is go all the way down Thayer to Angell St, turn right, and then take another right onto the street of your choice. Brown is first, then Prospect. Actually, many of those other streets on that side are good bets for parking, and you end up with a nice view as well.
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It should be pretty easy. Just don't leave it parked anywhere overnight.
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...because they ticket, but we also used to call broken glass "Providence Sand."
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Aside/tip: I saw DCfC a few years ago at the Paramount in Oakland (ordinarily a good venue). I don't know what the hell was going on, but the sound was so painfully loud and muddy that people were leaving in droves, myself included. I'm a huge fan so I was bummed. Anyway, so, bring your ear plugs just in case.
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Parking generally isn't that big of a deal near Brown. You shouldn't have to circle for long. Just park somewhere and have people point you in the right direction.
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It's not that bad yeah. I mean I guess if you have a really nice car and leave stuff out in it and park on a dimly lit street you'd worry but mostly on College Hill not a problem.. the streets are pretty much a grid.. but don't drive the wrong way up a one way such as Angell street, that could be trouble. :)
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So, how did it work out, melvinwang?
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