Help with projector/setting up a movie club
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two for one:
I just set up my new projector and while it is AWESOME, i'm having an issue with running my incomputer tv input through and losing allot of quality. 1) is there a good piece of software for interpolating tv input to make it higher quality
2) i'd like to organize a movie club to take advantage of the new beast and meet people in my area (berkeley for the bay area mefites). I'm thinking a craigslist ad but i wasn't sure how you would start such a thing when you don't know anyone (similar to starting a bookclub or something)

sorry for the misspelling (there's no edit button before post and i'm too lazy to go back). so here's some more info: the computer has an ATI radeon all-in wonder 8500 DV card which has all the good inputs (tv, rca, etc). The software that came with the card is ok, but when you put a 640x480 image on a 10' diagnol screen the quality takes a dump (the projector is good for 1024x768 and HDTV easily). So what i'd like to find is a piece of software which interpolates the frame upwards from the input tv signal size to the maximum screen size. I know there is tv hardware that does the same thing and figure the computer should be able to do the processing easily.

as for the second part, i've been in the area for a year but recently had my good friends move into the city (it's a shlep for them as the bart sucks), so i'd like to meet some pop-culture junkies like myself...and show of the projector of course. I've found really iffy results with craigslist so i wasn't sure if there's a better forum to check out.
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You can find a great deal of information from some very informed people (and some not-so-informed) by going to this forum and searching for "PB6200". There's another forum specifically for home theater PCs. avsforum rocks.
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Wow this is great. I was thinking of buying a projector to do this very thing. Your film club is a great idea too.
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Response by poster: xammerboy, i actually had a really crappy projector before now but didn't have the money to buy (the new one cost me $1400 and i consider it a relatively good deal (i messed up and won't get the $200 rebate)). honestly if you have a good group of friends and people to enjoy it with they're fantastique (hell, they're good without the crowd too). getting the tv card is also becoming pretty damn cheap too (i've got my projector running in the family room on a 25' cord to my bedroom, so you don't necessarily have ot have a seperate machine).
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I think DScaler does what you want. I have no experience with it but just know that it is "wicked cool".
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Quoting orange swan from a different thread:

Um, NGnerd? I like movies.
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Thanks for the info NGnerd. Right now I am in the shopping mode, and am unsure even what it is I'll need. I should probably post my own AskMe :-)
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If you're nervous about posting an event like this on craigslist, maybe try bay area linkup. There seem to be lots of clubs and stuff, and people in the membership seem to know and trust each other. There is a movies interest group - maybe you could attend some of the events and create your own circle.
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