How to get RealPlayer to work on Mac Classic 9.2?
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RealPlayer for Mac Classic (9.2.), Can't get it to work: it never works for video, and not often, if ever for audio. I've fully deleted it from my hard drive and reinstalled it, but always get the error window: "Requested File Not Found. The link you requested may be outdated or inaccurate"

Not that I crave RealPlayer, but there's a good deal of stuff not available in Quicktime. Ideas?
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Is there a port of VLC for OS9? That plays most real content as well as the official real players.
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From the VLC FAQ:
1.1. Where can I download VLC for Mac OS 9?
Where did you read VLC for Mac OS 9 exist? There is not, and will not be, a version for Mac OS 9.

The whole realplayer thing drives me nuts as well, how about as a solution we go and throw tomatoes at their corporate office until they give in to our demands!

(I had something more forceful originally, but I don't really with to threaten violence against a big corp in a public forum, use your imagination)
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Response by poster: Well, at least, it seems, RealPlayer is less and less the stream of choix.
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Yeah, strangely enough, I recently installed that kludgy OS 9 player on my computer because the OS X version stopped working. I actually had an Ask MeFi question about it. So, to jump on this question, any help for RealOne on OS X would be appreciated (troubleshooting it, alternatives, and exorcism, for example).

Videolan, as far as I know, does not play Real content on OS X. MPlayer on OS X attempts to play them, and had some recent upgrades based on Helix, but that just crashed my player. Sometimes MPlayer could play 'em without sound (before the updates). On Windows Mplayer can play Real due to some APIs that can be taken (IIRC). But on Windows there are more options.

Anyway, that's enough unhelpful rambling. It does show why open standards are important. You have more of an out when stuff just stops.
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I have a bit of experience with Real.

I'd be curious to know a sample stream that gives you that error. I've seen a million and one reasons for the player to fail (especially pre-OSX versions) but a file not found usually means it simply couldn't find the file.
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Dump the real Real player, and see if Real Alternative does you any good.
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