What was this 1960s anime about a young girl, magic fish companions, and a great deal of swimming?
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A question for anime/manga experts.

This is something I saw as a child, and have on occasion wondered about ever since. My regular Saturday/morning cartoons were pre-empted one day by a Japanese cartoon-- I remember it being as long as a feature movie, but that could easily be a trick of memory-- and I was absolutely enthralled with it; but I tuned in part way through, never got the name, and never discovered what it might have been. The year would have been around 1967 (earliest) to 1970 (latest). (MI)

It involved a young girl, magic fish companions, and a great deal of swimming. I've looked at the excellent www.pathea.com site, but the section for the 1960s is still under constructions. Could it have been a film by Isao Takahata?

This was in Vancouver, BC, and there weren't that many television channels to choose from in those days. This question is a bit of a relic from the dark ages of media-- back when nobody had a VCR at home, and if you didn't watch a show when it was on, it was gone forever.
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Could it be Mahou no Mako-chan, otherwise known as Magical Mako-chan or Mako the Mermaid? It had movies as well as a tv series. Here are some pictures, if that helps.
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Response by poster: That sounds like it! Thanks Hypharse. :D
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