Are single serve coffee makers only good when used with disposable coffee cups?
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I recently purchased a Keurig coffee maker from Costco with a load of coffee cups. They lasted a month or so and now I either have to shell out $$ for more of those cups or try normal coffee with their reusable cup. So far I don't have much success with the latter. Is it just me or the damn thing is not designed to be used with normal coffee?!
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Best answer: Here are a couple of links that may interest you.

Full disclosure: I found them while googling around. I don't actually own the machine, as I'm a bit of a purist, and I think that the Keurig is for heathens.

However, I think that there are a few factors that will absolutely help you get a good cup of coffee.

1) Get a burr grinder, not a blade grinder, OR have the barista at your local coffee shop grind it for you. When asked, tell that you have a flat bottom filter (which is a mildly coarse grind, as opposed to a cone filter, which is slightly more fine. The scale is french press/percolator (which is super coarse) to turkish, which is mostly used for snorting when you run out of coke.

2) Make sure you put the proper amount of coffee in the basket. Don't be stingy and put less (although don't be too generous either, as it appears that it'll end up flooding the pod). Too little coffee will cause your cup to taste bitter.

3) Make sure to buy quality coffee. Start out with a name brand like Starbucks or something else that you absolutely know the taste of as a control, then experiment with other beans once you nail down the methodology and science of the coffeemaker.

4) Be patient, and experiment. There are a variety of factors that affect the flavor of coffee, and if you have the time, it's fun to figure out how everything works in unison to make a great cup.
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I considered buying one, we had tried one at work and it wasn't bad at all and convenient. However, I believe it's kind of like the printer ink rip-off scheme. We'll sell you the machine nice and cheap, then get a nice constant revenue stream from selling you the ink cartridges for much more than they're actually worth.

That doesn't mean it's not possible, just like printers you can sometimes find reliable re-fillers. In this case that's you. The advice from SeizeTheDay may help you achieve this.
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I have one at my office, which I think is where they are really supposed to be. It's a hassle, but for a place where we have many visitors we can entice them with a wide choice. To be honest, no one seems to drink Wild Mountain Blueberry.
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I have a Keurig machine and I have run into the same issue. I have found I can lesson the cost of K-Cups by buying them from places like which also will ship for free if you purchase enough. Also, with the easily available coupon from bed bath and beyond you can get a box of k cups for not that much cash.

A great resources for K-Cup and Keurig information is Single Serve Coffee , and Single Serve Coffee Forums

In referance to using the My K-Cup I have found you just need to play with it. One suggestion I have is to not pack it TOO FULL otherwise the water goes straight down and not through the coffee. However, other Keurig users have lots of different ideas to make the My K-Cup work as is evident from this thread at the Single Serve Coffee Forums about using the My K-Cup.
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With Amazon you can also get a coffee subscription for additional savings. My family is obsessed with the Keurig. We get the best results by grinding the coffee beans twice.
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Seconding the Amazon Subscription. $17.00 for 50 servings. Still more than, say, Folgers Crystals per cup, but totally manageable. The Amazon subscription doesn't require a commitment. You could, in theory, subscribe and get the first shipment and immediately cancel the subscription. I recommend Timothy's Rainforest Espresso blend.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the tips. My problem with it that the water goes right through the filter chamber drilling a hole in the coffee. Not sure how to handle it but hopefully some of the links you posted will have an answer
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