Where can I find that version of this song?
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A question for people who've seen Before Sunset .... [inside]

I know the song was 'Just In Time', but did anyone happen to notice which Nina Simone album or compilation Jesse played for Celine in the film? I've checked AllMusic but none of them seem quite right...
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It's not on the soundtrack, but a customer comment there indicates the song is on her album "At the Village Gate" or "Tomato Collection."
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I had exactly the same problem... I bought 'at the village gate', which has a good version, but isn't the same as the one in the movie. And the sound quality isn't great. The Nina Simone website tells you every release of everysong, and none of them have covers which look like the one in the movie. So I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it! Was thinking of going to see the movie again just to get another look.
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I went to see the movie for a second time today, and I'm sure the CD they play in the movie is The Tomato Collection. The one in the movie is a double Cd with a black almost-silhouette Nina on the front, with a brown background. Like this one.
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I think we have a winner ...
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yes, it's the Tomato Collection, definitely. I finally checked it out at a friend's house.
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