One-off Hanging Stemware
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I want to hang stemware upside down under a shelf in my kitchen, but it isn't a deep enough shelf for the racks I've used before, or really for more than one glass. What can I use? Hanging them in a track that runs lengthwise under the shelf is an option. Does that track exist?
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Are you looking for something like this? I don't have experience with a product like this myself, but the kitchen cabinets at my old place had wooden stemware hanging tracks seeming built into the cabinets (or retrofitted, I have no idea) and they were very handy.
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Response by poster: Yes, like that, but that one is about three glasses deep. This shelf is long, and goes halfway around my kitchen, but only about 6 inches deep.
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Best answer: Try these

Mount them parallel to the wall, two deep.
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You can by wooden molding (trim) that has a "T" cross section. You can cut to exact lengths needed, paint them to match the shelf, and glue in place upside down.

I did this in my workshop for small sliding parts baskets. Works great, and same principle as stemware.
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I was going to say the same thing as Rokusan - buy the T-shaped-cross-section-molding and cut it to length. Except screw them in, don't glue them. That way a) you won't have to stand there holding them for hours until they stick, b) you can remove them painlessly later and c) if you misjudge the dimensions or later buy bigger/smaller based glasses, you can adjust them.
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(I suggested glue because screwing them in would have a higher risk of damage/mistake, especially since that's a pretty tricky angle to put a necessarily-small screw through.)
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