Fine-ish and family appropriate dining in Santa Cruz?
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My fiance and I chose to get married at a hotel here, because they took care of 80% of the details. Unfortunately, we're not familiar with the Santa Cruz at all, and finding a restaurant that will take 40-50 people on a Friday night (rehearsal dinner) or Saturday night (post-big reception, family-only dinner) is a bit bewildering. We're open to all genres of food, but are hoping to keep it in the $20-$30/person range. Thanks!
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Maybe the Cafe Mare (Italian Restaurant)? I've never been there but they can accommodate banquets and are in your price range.

The only place I've been to for a wedding reception in SC is the Chaminade, but it's far too expensive. Oy vey.
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our friends just got married there this weekend. they included a list of restaurants on their wedding blog (scroll down a bit), ranging from casual to nice. I would start there. and congratulations!
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