Can I write potential experience on my resume?
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Is it okay to put an internship on my resume if I haven't started yet?

I'm a junior in college. I applied to some art gallery internships for the summer, and landed an internship doing at this awesome place A which is cool, interesting, and well regarded to boot. However, they only need me for a few days a week, which gives me space for another internship. As a result, I'm applying again to gallery B.

However, I switched my majors sorta late in college (from computer science), so all my prior internships have been computer science or engineering related ones. I'm pretty sure this doesn't look that great on a resume that galleries will look at, and I'm also pretty sure that the fact that I'm working at A would be pretty impressive for gallery B.

Do you think it would be unethical/inappropriate if I included my future internship at gallery A in the resume that I submit to gallery B? Of course, I'd mention that I'm not working there yet but will be. Or is this a no-no? Should I mention it in the cover letter instead?
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This is fine in your resume. In the "dates" part, where you would usually write "July 2006 - May 2007" just write "Beginning July 2008" and describe the job as you would any other.

There is nothing inappropriate or unethical about that. It's the truth.
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You could put it in the cover letter. That would make more sense to me.

It's standard practice to say, "graduation expected" in a resume, in the slot where it would normally give the graduation date. So in abstract there is nothing wrong with putting future expected items in a resume. But in this case I think it would be clearer to just spell the situation out in your cover letter: "I got this internship, it leaves me some time free, I'd be very interested in working at your place too."
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I'd include it in the resume with the date qualifier rokusan suggests.

I wouldn't include it exclusively in the cover letter, because cover letters often go unread.
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I would include it in the resume but don't draw attention to it in the letter. As long as the dates are there you are smooooooth.
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I've done this once myself, although in my experience the second job began after the first internship had ended. I think it's fine, you probably want to mention it on the cover letter, since it sounds like it's very relevant to your interest in the field. I would also put it on the resume, since that's what they'll be looking at, more than the cover letter.
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Congratulations on switching your major. IMO a very good choice. I hope it works out for you.
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Nthing to include it with the start date on your resume AND in your cover letter as a point of relevant experience.
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The other members are correct in that if you list it as "starting ---" then it is not wrong. However, if the person reading the resume actually reads it, they won't count it as "experience." They will just be counting it as you were "hired" or scheduled for the internship. Also, would the jobs you'd be applying for conflict with the internship? Or be jobs you'd start after the internship? I don't hire people with obvious, huge conflicts - it doesn't make sense.
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I'm so RETARDED. I didn't see the rest of your explanation. Yes, it's appropriate to notify the other gallery that you are doing one internship at the other gallery. In this circumstance, it would probably be a "plus." It sounds great that you have these opportunities lined up and good luck!
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As soon as you sign a contract, you can put it on a resume.
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