Real Estate in NYC?
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What is a smart way to invest in real estate in New York City?

My boyfriend and I want to start saving to invest in real estate in Manhattan. Does anyone have any experience with this that they could share? Any tips or trends? Thank you so much!
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What kind of scale are you talking about? Is this meant to be an investment in a place you live in? Do either of you have experience doing construction/reno, or at least have relationships with reliable contractors?
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Check out Curbed, the real estate blog about NYC, but with a focus on Manhattan. You're question is too broad to be answered very specifically.
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Would you think about the Bronx or Queens? In Manhattan, Inwood is still relatively affordable and clearly "up and coming."
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Wait a couple of years. Prices are likely to drop, and getting in on an investment at the bottom is much more efficient.
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Ditto Estragon.
And build up your cash reserves. Part of the reason that prices are likely to drop is that credit is going to get increasingly tight.
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If you're thinking of buying rental real estate and going into the landlord business - you need to spend a whole day watching the circus that is housing court. Watch all the eviction proceedings for a day, and listen carefully. You'll learn a lot about the issues that landlords have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you're not scared off after a day of that, you're probably cut out to be a landlord.

I got this advice from someone who had owned rental property for 30 years, btw - I took his advice, spent the day in housing court, and all but ran away screaming. Needless to say, I did NOT buy a rental house, and that guy's advice saved my sanity. Another note is that this was in Georgia, which is a notoriously landlord-friendly state. NYC is pretty well known amongst landlords to be one of the most landlord-hostile places in the US, so his advice would apply even more in NY.
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