Selling my car in Oklahoma, but it's registered in Texas. What do I do? The sale might happen today! Help!
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Selling my car in Oklahoma, but it's registered in Texas. Can I get some advice on what to do here? More details inside, and this sale could happen today!

I live temporarily in Oklahoma (moving back to TX as soon as we sell our house), but I am still registered in Texas with the car. I am selling the car for a little less than I owe on it, but paying the cash for the remainder of the loan to the loan company (Capital One Auto - I know, I know) isn't an issue.

I called Capital One Auto, and besides telling me repeatedly that they'll release the title to the new owner after I pay off the balance, they were extremely unhelpful.

So, how this stands is that I am selling my car for cash in Oklahoma, and the car is registered in Texas. Which state do I need to deal with in this situation? Obviously I need to let Texas know that I no longer have liability on this car (via this form) once I sell it to the guy, and then get a registered payment to the bank so that they will overnight the title.

What else am I oblivious to in this situation? Have I left out something for forgotten something that is gonna screw this up?

Thanks for your help, in advance!
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When I moved to Texas from Oklahoma a couple of months ago, and was in the process of getting my car tagged, I called the OK tax commission to ask if I needed to do anything about my OK title since I had moved from the state. Their answer was that TX would let them know that I had titled the car there, and they would adjust the OK records accordingly. My assumption in your case is that as long as you file the TX form letting them know you've sold the car, and the new owner applies for a tilte in OK in a timely manner, then everything will be hunky-dory.
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