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We've had several "need a bag/pouch/case" questions, but I don't believe we've had exactly this one ... My newish employer smiles on the idea of music while you work, so I need a means of carrying my iPod and all of its accessories (headphones, iTrip, AC adapter) back and forth to work. Right now, kit and kaboodle is in a Royal Crown-esque drawstring bag, but it is showing wear & tear quicker than I'd like and it is no safeguard against banging around. Ideas?
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There's a bag specially designed to hold an ipod here, which seems a little pricey, and also includes the sentence the bag may be casually swung from the matching shoulder strap. Oooooooooo! How jaunty!

I carry my walkman and cassette tapes (how embarrassing) back and forth to work/gym in an old The A-Team metal lunchbox. Works well, wears like iron.
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You don't say how much you're willing to spend and how important are issues of style, but those little soft insulated lunchboxes they sell for kids are great for this kind of thing. Keeps hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold, and if you look around you might be able to get the Rescue Heroes one!

Seriously, these do come unornamented, and usually with a shoulder strap too.
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why not buy a separate ac adapter (to leave at work) and then listen to music on the way to and from work (carrying the ipod in a pocket))?
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Timbuk2 makes nice indestructrible stuff, and they have an iPod bag that looks roomier than some as well as a larger strap pouch. ( I got an dedicated cable for the office as Andrew Cooke suggested and I have found it to be very convenient, partially because I don't have to dig around behind the machine to plug in when I get to work)

The iPodforums gear guide may help too.
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I use a small camera bag like this.
There is a small compartment in the front the iPod fits into snugly and the cables, headphones, etc. fit in the larger back pocket. I removed the shoulder strap and the bag goes in my larger everyday bag.
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Burton Snowboards makes some sick bags and snowboarders seem to love Ipods. Personally, I'm still rockin it old school with the mini disc player when I'm on the lift by myself. Anyway, Burton makes this amped backpack that is pretty sweet.

Introducing the first backpack in the world that not only carries your iPod but controls it too. The Burton Amp Pack integrates an iPod control system using SOFTswitch™ technology, which allows the iPod to be controlled through a soft, flexible control pad built into the pack’s shoulder strap.

I think they also make a jacket that has Ipod controls on the sleeve. Their new catalog, which I just got yesterday, has some other cool Ipod cases and what not. But, they don't seem to be on the site yet.
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AC adaptors for the iPod are pretty expensive, but you may be well-advised to purchase a Firewire cord to connect to your computer to charge it. One of these will only set you back twenty dollars, and you won't have to shell out fifty dollars for the puck.

This case offers headphone and remote storage, and may be the kind of thing you're looking for. If you wind up getting a case, make sure it protects your screen sufficiently, as most iPod cases tend to be lacking in this respect. I use a stick-on screen protector on mine.
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Waterfield makes a bag expressly for this purpose. It holds the iPod, dock, AC adapter and cables all in one slim brief.
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It doesn't come with a shoulder strap, but I'm a big fan of Monster Cable's iCase. Also comes with a couple of accessories (car charger and headphone splitter). Good solution for putting in a backpack or shoulder bag, as it provides that extra layer of protection and keeps the iPod from banging around.
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Response by poster: Wow. I think I like the iCase, especially since my Griffin PowerPod (car charger) died and needs replacing anyway. Thanks to all of you for your help so far ... and I'll take any other advice available!
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