Market America?
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What can you tell me about a scam group called "Market America."

I'm looking for some concrete info I could give to some friends to convince them not to blow their money.
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Best answer: Adding "scam" to your "Market America" Google Search results brings up 30,000+ hits, many of which come from forums host to people asking this very question. Check it out.

Perhaps this is evidence enough? If not, maybe this?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the SEC link, I've been through the google but it's hard to find concrete stuff like that.
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My parents did that for a while. The whole Multi-Level-Marketing crap and all that. MLMs in general tend to be shady. Ask your friend to provide concrete reasons for why they think they could profit from this, since few of their clients actually make money through selling products and any profit you do manage to reap would be from scamming other "marketers" into the same thing. The only reason my parents did it was so they could write off a few expenses as business expenses, but even then it wasn't worth it for more than a year or two.
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