Best sub $100 iPod desktop dock
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My father-in-law asked for an "ipod radio thing that I can listen to at my desk" for his birthday this Friday. So, what's the best iPod desktop dock we can get him for $100 or less?

If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy him the Bose version, but it's way out of our price range, and I'm sure you can still find a quality desktop version within our budget. Thanks!

Bonus points if it's eligible for Amazon Prime!
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Anything in the iHome line. I've had one for a few years and I'm a big fan.
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the ipod docks i've tried have all been of limited sound quality, especially when compared to the $50 logitech 2.1 setup i purchased from amazon. if you also pick up an extra ipod wall power adaptor to leave at the office, you've got all that you really need.
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I find really helpful for questions like this. Their iPod speakers review was last updated in November 2007.
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The JBL ipod dock has a great sound I bought one for my roommate a year ago and we both love it. I paid around 120.00 for it then it might have dropped a little in price by now. I have the Bose one and while it fills the room more and has a greater range the little JBL comes damn close.
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This PolkAudio one is what I use at work (listening to it now) and I think it's great. The price listed is slightly above what you're looking for but its portability and small size is a wonderful feature.

The Amazon prices are less.
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i second the JBL dock... it works for anyone that's not a super audiophile, and it's little.
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gizmodo had one of their battlemodo for ipod docking station last summer. The winner was one of the less expensive models! Price does not seem to mean much.
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If you're willing to spend just a tiny bit more, this one is truly awesome. Its actually one of the best overall reviewed ipod docks.
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My dad and I both have this iFusion portable player and we absolutely love it!

It's listed on amazon for just over $100, but I picked it up at Costco for $89.99. The sound is great, and it is also a self-contained heavy-duty carrying case. I take it to work, or out working in the yard. I've seen a number of portable iPod players, and this one is by far the best for the price.
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Did I understand your question to imply your father-in-law wants a radio in it? None of these suggestions have a radio except for the iHome -- that is, this particular one does (as do its earlier incarnations) but the "portable" lines do not. This one's got a decent sound; not crystal clear, but much fuller than those tinkly bass-free JBL On Stage or any other set with those tiny ≤1" speaker elements.

But if you don't mind going to $105, this set from MacAlly is better.

If he doesn't need the radio, the Klipsch iGroove sounds fantastic and is steeply discounted at Amazon right now. Folks who hear it often like it better than the $300-400 Bose SoundDock you mentioned -- and I fully agree, even though I happen to like Bose in general. At $130, you're still a little over your $100 target, though.

Do avoid the iLuv brand in general.
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My mistake; AsRuinsAreToRome's (unlinked-so-I-overlooked-it) suggestion also has AM/FM radio.
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