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OK, so a friend wants to contact a celebrity's publicist / representation. He wants to send some photos taken of him with the celebrity that he promised to send when he got them developed. How can somebody find out who represents a celeb? He'd probably be willing to call around, if he just knew what kinds of people to you just ring up the Walter Morris Agency and ask who represents so-and-so?
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imdb-pro (the subscriber service) lists contacts/agents. i believe you can do a free trial for the subscriber service, but i'm not sure. (i do not know anyone with a subscription to imdb-pro, or i'd offer to find out for you).
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There's a good chance you can find the answer on Who Represents, if the celeb in question is Hollywood-based.
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Up until a few months ago, you could have went to, but (alas) they are now a subscriber site.

That probably leaves you with the option of phoning the Actor's Guild.
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I'll bet said celeb's official website probably has some sort of mention of representation somewhere (although it could be pretty buried).
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I know this tags me forever as impossibly juvenile...

But I love the way "Who Represents" reads as "whore presents" when you see it as the URL.

But then, I also used to giggle over the self-reviewing name of the old DTP program, "Publish It."
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Call the celeb's union guild. If they're an actor, call SAG, if they're a director, the DGA, a writer, WGA. Then simply asks for their reps contact information. I've done this many times. It's free, fast, and simple.
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Seconding the SAG recommendation and the IMDB Pro recommendation.

Baltimore - If you like that, you'll love the antiques exchange URL.
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I had a link to a site that listed celebs and the campaign contributions they made and they had their agents listed as their addresses. But damn if I can't find that link now!!
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Is Walter Morris William's brother?
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I'm glad I'm not the only one giggling at whorepresents.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one giggling at whorepresents.

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Pat Kingsley (PMK) represents a lot of the heavyweights--you could try them.
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Or you could mention who the celeb is, because there is a chance that a MeFite might know. Or know someone who knows. Or something like that.
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Response by poster: ali g/sascha baron cohen
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You could try HBO or the production company that makes his show...
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