Wtf is a pompadon?
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What's a pompadon?

My girlfriend and I have been watching a lot of Red Dwarf and Lister eats a lot of Indian inspired foods. One thing he mentions on a regular basis are 'pompadons'. Since he speaks Liverpudian, it can be hard to actually tell the spelling of the food item. Anyone have a clue what the hell he's referring to? I'm thinking something along the lines of pot stickers, but I don't know. M'lady thinks biscuit.

As a side note, I have discovered that vindaloo is delicious. Thanks television show character!
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Papadums (pronounced "pop-a-doms" in UK English).
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I haven't seen the show, but it sounds as if he's referring to Papadum.
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Yes, I've had Papadom as the local Indian place calls them, and while I will say that vindaloos are delicious, I must say that Papadom is not, at least for me. I've tried it a few places and it's always the same to me, dry with an almost licorice aftertaste. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.
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He is indeed referring to papadums. I was obsessed with Red Dwarf as a young un' and it too turned me on to the specific delights of takeaway curry.
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I was a little taken aback when I saw this question - finally a question I am capable of answering. barc0001 I am sorry to hear you do not find the taste of papadums to your taste however they are not generally eaten on their own. Try papadums with mango chutney or with rice and curry (this is how they are best eaten otherwise you shall find them dry). Also the papadum is their to compliment the texture of the curry and rice. Perhaps in BC it is not the norm but that is how they are eaten here in the UK. Finally may I recomend Cobra beer to you all - to the unitiated this is a less gassy beer and thus compliments curry very well.
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Ah, brings back memories.
Red Dwarf inspired me to try all sorts of Indian food as well, many years ago.
(sorry, I have nothing else to add but this eponysterical me-too comment)
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You know how when you order Chinese take-out (or "take-away" in the UK) you open the bag when you get home and they've thrown in those shrimp crackers for free? Well, when you open the take-out curry bag they've thrown in a couple of free papadums in the same manner.
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Many indian restaurants will bring you some papadums as soon as you sit down, so you have something to munch on while waiting for your meal. Much drier than pot stickers, so it's good to have a glass of water or a beer handy when munching.
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And if they're very tasty, you may refer to them as "the pompadons of love." That's what that Steve Miller Band song means.
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