Smallest folding bicycle folding trailer
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I'm looking for a folding bicycle trailer. That's a trailer that folds up and connects to a bicycle (though it coincidentally will be connected to a folding bicycle, so I guess it's a folding bicycle folding trailer). Anyway, the main thing is that it needs to fold up really small. Please point me to the smallest, when folded, bicycle trailer you know about. Thanks.
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Bike Friday coincidentally makes a case for their folders that doubles as a trailer. This arrangement makes the size difference between folded bike and folded bike + trailer fairly small. If you're looking to pair a trailer with a specific non-Bike Friday bike, this doesn't help, though.
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A trailer to carry what: gear for touring, groceries in the city, or children?
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Ooh, I was going to suggest Bike Friday! My brother works for them, and their trailer is pretty cool...
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These are pretty small:
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Response by poster: It's for a bike I already have and it's to carry stuff (not animals or children).
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Better links for the Carry Freedom:
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