Does anyone have any suggestions for an all-in-one photo editing/FTP/weblogging software?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for an all-in-one photo editing/FTP/weblogging software? I know how to do all the steps manually, but am having a very hard time teaching her how to do it all. Wanted features - photo cropping, auto levels, thumbnail creation, ftp, and hopefully some sort of utility to generate weblog posts with image url and popup code. Does that make sense?
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A lot of the larger photo sites have software or tools that tries to at least some of the stuff you're talking about. Flickr's got a great reputation (I haven't used it), and I know my wife uses the Ofoto software and really likes it. Ofoto's owned by Kodak now, and the site pushes you to buy prints, but the (Windows-only) software does allow you to arrange edit the photos locally, and then upload them to "albums" on the site that you can share with other folks. No text posts, though.
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I use gallery. It will do everything you mention short of making the weblog entry. It should be fairly easy to teach somebody to do that part, if necessary.
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I have the Pro edition and its great. They also have a free starter addition. Hmm...not sure about thumbnail creation though. It's basically a WYSIWYG web page editor.

I also second the idea of using the OfotoNow's pretty easy to use and the site build your albums for you with slideshows and the ability to order prints.

I make my weblog posts with CityDesk, insert a few pictures if desired, and then add a link to an ofoto album that has ALL the pictures to the event.
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There's an iPhoto2Gallery plugin for iPhoto which is the bee's knees. And of course ecto hooks up to iPhoto AND Movable Type, so I'd say it's worth a peep.
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