Operating an old teasmade?
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Can anyone tell me how to operate a "Goblin Compact Teasmade 882"?
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I have a Russell Hobbs Chelsea Teamaker, which looks very similar as far as buttons go, so the instructions for mine may help. The 2 right-hand buttons are the settings for the teapot. The left-most of these two is the Now/Auto button. Depress the top and Now is activated, depress the bottom of the switch and Auto is button. 'Now' means the heating element of the teapot is activated immediately. 'Auto' means it will be activated according to the setting of the far-right button, which are the After Alarm/With Alarms settings (depress top/bottom respectively). With 'After Alarm' the heating will begin with the alarm, with 'With Alarm' it will begin in time to have the tea ready when the alarm goes off.

Fill the teafloat with two teaspoons of loose tea leaves. You can adjust the amount of tea to suit, but don't go over 4 teaspoons. Replace the strainer cover. Fill the teapot with water to the water level line, and float the tea float on top of the water. If you want to use teabags, put 2 teabags in the float, but don't replace the strainer cover. Do not use instant coffee in the tea float.

Refit the teapot lid. When the water in the teapot boils, it fills the teafloat with water, the teafloat gradually sinks to the bottom, at which point the heating element switches off.

The alarm on mine is set with a small knob at the rear of the machine.
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