Can you suggest meal planning software or services?
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I'm looking for software or a service that allows me to plan balanced meals that are free of acid reflux triggers.

At present I'm using the meal planner on the Nexium website. I like it because it's tailored to my specific condition and is easy to use, but it has some annoying limitations (it gives you the same lunch options every week with limited ability to make changes, and substitutions are only allowed at lunch but not dinner).

To plan a week's meals, what I would like to be able to do is to start with a large database of recipes sorted by the approximate amount of preparation time needed. For weekday lunches, I would like to be able to pick from a list of super-quick cold or microwave-only recipes (sandwiches, soup, etc.). Ideally, once I've picked out these meals, the program would then fill in suggestions for side dishes and snacks or just tell me what I need to balance the rest of my diet (2 vegetables, 3 fruits, etc.) for each day.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Answers to previous questions have suggested Big Oven, Master Cook, and Cook'n, but none of them really fits my needs. The nutrition trackers like FitDay and don't seem to have the meal planning capabilities that I'm looking for.

I'd also be open to personalized meal planning services, if anyone has any recommendations. The ones I've found through quick googling seem to be little more than a list of recipes sent to you each week.
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