Web widget that generates range of shades?
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Last week I stumbled upon a web widget that would generate a range of lighter and darker shades of an RGB color you input. Now I can't find it.
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Color scheme apart from generating lighter and darker shades, creates coordinated palettes.

See this AskMe thread for more color pickers/schemers.
posted by mnology at 2:29 PM on July 27, 2004

Oh blah, you said RGB...well the schemer is cool anyway.
posted by mnology at 2:30 PM on July 27, 2004

Color Schemer? (diff from mnology's link)
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Thanks, but this one gave five (I think) increasingly darker and five increasing lighter shades of the one color. It wasn't complements, just shades.
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I know of ColorMatch Remix and EasyRGB.
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Or this?
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mnology's got it.
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Maybe SLUGS (Simple Little Utility for Generating Schemes) is what you were looking for? Unfortunately, the site I got it from seems to have vanished. It can provide you with a range of five colours either side of the one you select and also ha a neat "screen picker" allowing you to pick a colour from your screen.
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How about this?

Color palette creator
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That's it! Thanks a million, fletchmuy.

And thanks everyone for those suggestions. Lots of toys to try out.
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God, I love this place. I was happily bumbling along with SLUGS ... now I have bunches of other nifty choices I never knew about.

If no one's said it for awhile -- thanx Matt!

ObTopic: ... here's my copy of SLUGS, the program dg mentioned. It has inexplicably disappeared. I think it might have been incorporated into a full-blown Web IDE, maybe.
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