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I am looking for alarmclock that would let me record a note for a certain day/time with options for repeating at same time next week or a freeware program that does the same. If anyone has seen something similar let me know google has failed me for the first time :( i would prefer it not cost a ton of money
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My palm pilot allows you to do this.

You can either make a repeating event in the calendar with an alarm or make a repeating to do item with a reminder alarm.
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Would a chumby work for this?
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(Admittedly, they're more money than you'd typically spend on a regular clock.)
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IM not sure can chumbys say once it hits 7pm pay a message that says take out the trash b4 she kicks your butt?
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guseio: what OS are we discussing? This would be quite easy to do under any variant of *nix...
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google calendar with sms notification can do this
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I've been using SwizzTool for a while, it does what you want and is free. Windows only though.
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On OSX you can use Alarm Clock to set as many alarms as you want with specific playlists from itunes. It has gradual volume increase, and repeating alarms per weekly schedule. Donationware.

Also, Awaken is a more luxurious app, but costs a few dollars.
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Chumbys can do most things that you can do in Flash--you could browse through the dozens of clock widgets that people have already uploaded and see if one meets your needs. I'm still going to project a little and guess that if the $179 price for the hardware is more than I'm willing to pay for the hardware, it's probably too much for you, too. $179 is cheap for a PDA, but a lot for a "clock". Maybe prices will come down later.

If all you want is software, wouldn't almost any calendaring/scheduling software do this? Millions of people schedule weekly reminders in Outlook, and have their computer beep at them 15 minutes in advance.
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