Other uses for Disposable Diapers?
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Other uses for Disposable Diapers?

I bought a case of disposable diapers on eBay only to discover that one of the sleeves had already been opened. I won't use these diapers on my baby, but don't want to throw them out either. Do you know of other great uses for disposable baby diapers?
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Do you live in a flood plane?
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Disposable diapers are designed to accomplish one task, and do that task really well.

If you're not going to use them, the best bet would be to donate them or give them to a family that will make use of them.

Unless there's something obviously wrong with the diapers, what's the problem with just using them?
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A few could go in the first aid kit in the car.
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Use them to clean up vomit or other large chunky messes, where paper towels are too flimsy.
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When changing oil in my car, I place a diaper around the area where the oil filter is, so when I unscrew it, the spilled oil gets soaked up and leaves the surrounding area clean.
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Wrap one around a leaky pipe.
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Stick them around your water heater for extra insulation. :)
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Do you have any cats or small dogs that you sometimes take in the car in a carrier? I've always lined the bottom of the pet carrier with disposable diapers to absorb any "accidents" (I've never yet had a cat that didn't go absolutely ape when put in the car.)
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I was just about to suggest what jamaro did. The water absorbing part of the diaper has loads of potential for amusement. Recently I was told by a Forest Service person that they can spray that filling on houses that are in the path of forest fires. They wet it down and the stuff protects the house as the fire blows past.
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Response by poster: Hello folks, I did try to donate them, and Goodwill didn't want them either. I don't feel comfortable using them on the baby... I don't have any good reasons, just a feeling. Excellent ideas in the links provided and the suggestions above. Thanks!
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My boss took a bar of Snickers, which he melted in the microwave and "poured" it in a sample diaper he got by mail. "Look! They sent us a pre-used diaper," he said while showing his artistic creation to everyone.

Yes, this happened for real.
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If you know anyone who owns horses they'll probably take them off your hands for making poultices. Diapers are great for that.
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You can put one in the bottom of a planter, and then proceed to fill the planter with dirt and plant normally. It creates sort of a water reserve in the bottom of the pot and encourages the plant roots to grow down.
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Why do you think something is wrong with the diapers? Does something about the ebay sellers feedback indicate that they have a history of putting itching powder in their merchandise? Did you contact the seller to complain about the opened merchandise? Can you return the diapers for a refund?

Contact a charity group that serves women and children. NOT a thrift store. A homeless shelter or battered women's shelter would be a good place to start. Once you confirm that they can use disposable diapers, ask what else they can use...toiletries, food, a cash donation. Make a visit to the shelter with the diapers and and other donations. Then count your blessings that you live in a developed Western culture.

Another option is to give the diapers away on Freecycle. You will probably have dozens of people willing to accept a give of free diapers.

With the high number of women and children in the United States living on and beyond the brink of poverty, it is completely ludicrous to consider wasting a case of diapers.
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Keep them in the trunk of the car in case of emergency. Not just for the baby- you know there's gonna be times when you yourself will wish you had them.
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