Updating Movable Type with a Windows based client?
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I blog a bit, but I'm not really 'in' with the community, so I miss tips and tricks. Some months ago, a colleague of mine that I've lost touch with was using a windows program to update his Movable Type blog, ie he didn't have to use the MT web editor. Does anyone know what the program was, and whether there's a similar mac program?
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I'm not sure what he was using -- perhaps Zempt, which is the best Windows client I've come across -- but for the Mac, there's the unbelievably phenomenal Ecto. I've been using it for a while, now, and couldn't recommend it more highly. (And for those Windows users, I see that there's now an Ecto version for you, too!)
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Response by poster: Zempt rings a bell - but Ecto looks great. Thanks a lot.

(says goodbye to crappy slow web interface)
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Hey, you could just look up some tutorials on doing HTTP requests within Visual Basic and code your own :-)
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There is an Ecto client for Wintel.
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Ecto. You probably want Ecto. There actually have been other Mac blogging clients, but I don't care for them.

The one exception to this might be the paid version of NetNewsWire, which is both a blog writer as well as reader. I've been using the free version (it's good enough) and Ecto, which is paid. Last I checked, I felt that Ecto was a better writing tool than NNW, but that may have changed (and I know that Brent is working on NNW 2.0).
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I have also used w.bloggar on my Windows machines before.
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