How to memorialize someone for only $75?
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How to memorialize someone for only $75?

A distant, step-relative of mine recently passed away and left me $75 in her will. At the time the will was written, that amount of money would have been a huge sum to her and I greatly appreciate the sentiment. I'd like to do something with the money to memorialize her, but unfortunately I did not know her well and am at a loss. I do not want to spend the money on myself as I would just squander it away without anything to show for it. Ideally, i'd like to do something like name a star or sponsor a tree. Are there options like that available for this amount of money? I wish I could spend more, but my finances simply do not allow it at the time.
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You could donate a book to a library. They often have special "This book was donated in memory of ____" bookplates in the things I check out. You might even get to pick an appropriate title/subject from a list of books they're hoping to acquire.
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You can plant a tree here for $54. You get a certificate as well, you could keep it or perhaps send it to a closer relation of hers if that would feel more appropriate.
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There might be a construction project for a charity where you get a name on a brick, or listed on a plaque. Hospitals, museums, schools, theaters, and other organizations offer this from time to time.

I've never liked the "name a star" idea. You are just giving money to someone to print the name and "assigned" star in a book and on a certificate. It's not considered an official name by astronomers or anyone who cares, and the companies have no more official star-naming rights than you or I.
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Ten dollars buys a bed net that will protect an African child from malaria for four years. Saving seven lives seems like a fitting way to honor someone's life and death.
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My boyfriend named a star for me, we both know its BS and its just they put the name in some registry but it was the sweetest, most romantic present I could imagine, it came in a nice gift box with a rose and a chart and a certifcate... not so good for a dead person though.

I think a tree is a great idea though.
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Thousands of children all over the world die every day of water-borne disease; UNICEF helps build wells and give access to clean drinkable water to many, many people; it's a good, solid program. I cannot think of a better way to memorialize someone than to give a hand, in her name, to the people who are trying to give water to those who don't have it. you can donate here.
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The tree could be fantastic; in fact, if you have a yard of your own you could go out to a nursery, buy a small tree and plant it yourself. That way, you'd always have a tree in your yard by which to remember your relative.
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Feed the Children is sending shoes to people in Darfur for $3 pair.

From the link: A generous partner has donated 700,000 pairs of shoes for the children of Darfur. It takes just $3 to transport this necessity across the world.
posted by Fuzzy Skinner at 9:04 AM on April 26, 2008 lets you donate farm animals to needy families so they can start a flock/herd/etc and sell eggs/milk/honey at market.
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Invest it in The site works to connect lenders (yourself) with micro credit institutions in impoverished areas.
Quick Model:
You donate money,
Money goes to person who can then improve their own lives.
Person pays you back.
You reinvest the money in a new person.

I like the idea of you thinking about her you every time you reinvest the money. Rather than a 1 time donation, you can watch as good things continue to come from the money for years to come and have a private, "Thanks, miss you" moment every so often.

PS: I'm not with KIVA or givewell for that matter.
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looks like I messed up the link. Here it is. KIVA
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