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How can I find funding for a MFA at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland?

I was recently accepted into the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland for a MFA in Painting. I have been unsuccessful in finding fellowships, scholarships, or grants to aid me in my studies there. Although ECA recently became eligible for US Stafford Loans which could cover most tuition, I would like to reduce any further debt, already being $25,000 deep. Does anyone know of grants, fellowships, or scholarships for post-graduate studies in Art for American Students studying in Scotland? I have searched the British Council Site. Specific links would be appreciated. Or, if anyone has experience with the financial aid office at ECA, I would be very receptive.
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Is there something integral to doing your degree in Edinburgh versus another place where you are more likely to get funding? I am guessing you are not licensed to teach, right? That could be a way of funding it. It's very difficult as an American to get funding anywhere in the UK for anything other than doctoral research (I did post-grad in Birmingham).

But something to consider, because most do not, is to get a job at ECA or another local college or university doing administrative work. Most times, they are understanding of course needs and study time, and you will build other experience that will help you paying bills, etc. Right now, ECA has an opening for a Registry Administrator, which you should apply for as you'll get the right to work with your visa.

Remember, there are several universities in Edinburgh. Herriot-Watt University has a job that seems well good for someone like you, it's secretarial but will pay the bills.

Napier University also has a good opening, though you'll need to learn Excel, which you should be doing anyway.

University of Edinburgh has several openings as well, likely blood simple librarian work.

Further Education Colleges are also worth looking into. Here's an arts job (warning: PDF) you might look into, though it's probably not related to your field.
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