Wrapping sandwiches greenishly
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Seeking instructions on how to wrap and secure a flat sandwich in waxed paper.

I'd like to wrap my (square, flat) sandwiches in waxed paper and secure them closed without using tape (to cut down on waste). Does anyone know a way to wrap up a sandwich thusly? The idea I think is to fold it so that you have an extra triangular flap and a place to tuck it into. (If anyone knows how to do this, I'm guessing that it will probably be difficult to explain, but I'm willing to wade through detailed instructions if you're willing to post them.)
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If you really want to cut down on waste, get a re-usable sandwich wrapper like this one.
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Per my dear and long gone Mother - pin it with a toothpick, worked in 1957. [Pre-baggie]
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Why not use, and re-use, a paperclip?
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Best answer: Definitely go with something reusable. If you really want to use wax paper, though, fold it like an envelope: sandwich in the center, with enough on all sides to fold in and fully cover. Fold the sides in, fold the bottom up (this makes a pocket), fold the corners of the top so it'll tuck into the pocket, then fold it down and tuck it in. Still uses too much paper, though.
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For fancy folds, search for Origami envelope patterns (for example: PDF, HTML).

...although I, personally, would use a more generic fold (kinda like you'd fold a burrito) and then a toothpick.
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This seems kind of interesting. Reusable, too!
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Whoops. Dersins beat me to it.
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Cut it in half to make two rectangles, and stack them. That way there's less surface area and it's easier to wrap them securely. Wrap and secure with reusable elastic bands. And if you're my grandparents, make the bands out of cut-up rubber gloves for that extra bit of recycling.
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Mm, I just tried this out with a piece of paper and a pack of post-its. But like the others said above, this requires a ton of paper (a regular 8.5x11" is a bit too short to wrap a 3x3" stack of post-its, for example).


Thanks for the entertainment while I'm at work though. :D
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This is somewhat off the topic of your question, but my mom used to buy wax paper bags for my lunch sandwiches. I assume she bought them at the grocery store or co-op.
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String was used in the many years that paper existed before tape.
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Best answer: dreamphone: Tear off a sheet of wax paper approximately 2 1/2 to 3 times the width of the sandwich (as reebear noted, this is larger than an 8 1/2x11 sheet. Apologies to Earth First). Pull the two ends up over the center of the sandwich. Make successive folds, about 1" each, until the sandwich is snugly wrapped, with a thick "seam" of the multiple folds running along one axis (should take two to four successive folds). Fold the "raw" ends of the paper into triangles (like wrapping a gift) and turn under the sandwich. Pull one taut toward the center, tuck the other into the fold you have made. No tape necessary. My kids used to consider this magic.

Everyone else-- just answer the question.
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Best answer: how to make a bindle scale up the square of paper to sandwich size.
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