Does my icemaker need a water filter?
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Filterfilter: Is it worth the cost/hassle of installing a water filter on the supply line of a refrigerator icemaker? More inside...

...Often, ice cubes from an automated icemaker taste "musty." I'm thinking an in-line water filter might solve that problem. However, if -- after passing through the filter -- the water still must flow through six to 10 feet of copper tubing, then into the fridge's own internal water line, what's the sense?
Any other advice on installing the plumbing to one of these automated icemakers?
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I've found that any off-tastes usually come from sitting in the bin too long - the fresh ones are always fine. But that's my house and my freezer, etc.

See here for some more thoughts on icemaker cubes.
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Response by poster: Dang, ferocious - I missed that discussion linked above on my search. Thanks. In any case, other than tossing out the old cubes, it doesn't sound like there's much of a solution here, filter or no filter.
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We just bought a new fridge with an ice maker in it so this weekend I picked up the parts for the supply line. I saw the filters so I bought one. I haven't installed it yet but it looks like it's hardly any hassle. It installs in-line between the fridge and the supply line.

It was cheap too, maybe < $20.00. br>
It can't hurt, I say do it.
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A filter is a pretty decent idea. I prefer the flavor of filtered ice, but unfiltered cubes don't have a musty taste for me so your local water supply and the condition of your freezer's interior may be more of a factor for you than for me.

If you do get a filter, make sure you follow the schedule for changing it. An filter used past its prime can start to taste really, really nasty and it usually does this just before you hand a glass of water or ice to a guest.

If age and "fridge ambience" is affecting the flavor of your ice cubes, stick a cup of ExStink in the freezer. I don't get squat from these guys for promoting their product in Every Single Stink Related Thread, but dammit, it works.
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Every [half-way] decent resturaunt in the world filters its cube water. So I guess there's something to it.
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From the "My ice cubes taste funny" thread. May a member explain or back this comment, please.
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An filter used past its prime can start to taste really, really nasty...

And grows a ton of bacteria and mold. Not good for your health.
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