What do these strange beeping and clicking sounds from my computer mean?
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Strange sounds from my computer: a beep, followed by a click, followed by a beep. Not at startup, but while I'm booted into Linux (but not Windows!).

A brief description of my system: It's an MSI motherboard, running an Award BIOS. The CPU is an AMD XP 1800+ (or something like that...). There's a 450 W Antec power supply, that, while only about a year old, is occasionally noisy. All of my fans seem to be functioning just fine (I have a window in the case), and, in Windows (where I have access to temperature monitoring software), the CPU temperature is normal. The beep is coming from the PC speaker, tied into the motherboard. I can't quite triangulate the source of the (very mechanical-sounding) click. Ideas?

sorry about the parentheses
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Clicks often come from hard drives. Check this article for an introduction to smartmontools.

Also, lm_sensors lets you monitor CPU temp, voltage levels, etc.
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Thanks, Eamon!

Though the very thought of hard drive problems makes me want to weep. The oldest drive on the system is 16 months old....
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Look at it this way: set up and run smartmontools (you might need to make sure it's enabled in your BIOS first), and then you'll be able to rule out hard drive problems.
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I'm not too familiar with any current linux distributions other than debian, but maybe your distro of choise spins down your HDs when idle? you could try this:
sean@tau:~$ sudo hdparm -S 0 /dev/hda
setting standby to 0 (off)
for each drive, to make sure spindown is off.
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