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Open source Wiki software! I'm looking to setup an open source wiki service very similar to (but slightly different). However I know there is open source software available to download...


I'm looking for:

1) Totally open editing (if registered)
2) Report if abused content
3) Upload images for the wiki post
4) SEO friendly i.e.

Php, SQL, etc

Very simple, I like the way is run. I know they use opensource but I dont know which one.

Cheers if you can help.
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WoWiki is "part of" Wikia which uses the Mediawiki engine. Mediawiki is free and open-source, and there are a large number of plugins and customisation options available.
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For smaller wikis, I highly recommend dokuwiki. If you're after something like Wikipedia, use Mediawiki as alby said.
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Wiki softwares
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Ah, my bad. Correct Link
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I don't know where or how you want to run your wiki, but Bitnami offers both Dokuwiki and Mediawiki stacks that are super easy to install. It's a very painless way of installing a personal wiki :)
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