OSX latency monitoring for windows games
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Is there a way I can monitor latency to gaming servers easily in OSX, preferably through a widget?

My computer spends most of its time in my college dorm. My college internet connection is good, not great. The speed is consistently fast enough to get things done, but latency fluctuates. Sometimes, it can stay around 400MS for an hour or so. At good times, the latency is around 12 MS for servers in the same region.

What complicates things is that I like TF2, a windows game, and I have to reboot my computer, a MacBook Pro, into bootcamp to play it. If I reboot into Windows and find that the latency is high, I just wasted a lot of time.

Is there a widget for the dashboard so that I could monitor Steam servers and their latencies so I know if it's worth my time to reboot? Or is there a webpage I could turn into a webclip to help me out? Thanks for your help.
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One of those Server Monitor type widgets should do it. Just set it to PING your favorite server
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You could also, of course, just use the Ping tab in the Network Utility (under Applications > Utilities) whenever you want to check. Or the ping command on the terminal.
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