I want to project the Ordinance Survey Grid (UK) on Google Maps.
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I want to project the Ordinance Survey Grid (UK) on Google Maps. This site which to have a KML file that might do that (it's 9 on the list), but I have no idea how to get it to work. I downloaded the file, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I say I down oaded it, I've also clicked on it a few times mindlessly too - and this has not worked either.

Any ideas? Would welcome alternate solutions to my main problem, not just the minor KML issue.
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You need to download and install Google Earth
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This will convert one point at a time.

To do the projection right, you'll need to write your own GProjection for your Google Map.
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Ordnance not ordinance. The first survey was commissioned by George II in 1747 from the Board of Ordnance, which was the predecessor to the Ministry of Defence.

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Hasn't this already been done?
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Best answer: You can overlay it on google maps in your web browser, but it doesn't work very well. (If you really want to try it, choose the create your own map then import a kml and enter the url).

If you've got Google Earth installed, right click on "My Places" and choose "Add Network Link". Paste the URL from that page ( http://www.nearby.org.uk/google/Gridlines.kml.pl ) and then hopefully you should get the gridlines. It's actually a perl script, so if you zoom in a bit and right click on the network link and choose refresh you will get a more detailed grid.
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