Podcasts for Rio Carbon?
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Is there software to automatically manage podcasts on my Rio Carbon Pearl? I'm looking for something that will function like iTunes for an iPod or Zune for a Zune -- keep only unplayed shows on my player, download new shows when I run the software, etc. Are there any iTunes alternatives which will handle this on my Rio Carbon? I'm running XP.
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Response by poster: Juice will download them, but it won't manage them on the player (unless I'm totally mistaken, in which case, I will gladly stand corrected).
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I guess you're right. I don't know an app which does the management, sorry.
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Jesse, if you want an ipod, I'd be happy to send you one of my old ones.
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Also have you tried out badfruit? It makes iTunes work with any music device.
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Did you find anything yet, Jesse? You could always try a post in the Software subforum of the AnythingButIpod forums.
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