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Can I make this work in IE the same as it does in Firefox? Here is the example i need some CSS help with. This works properly in Firefox, but needs some help in IE. Any suggestions?
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The problem is that IE displays a pixel-wide gap in-between the top tabs and the selected drop-down box. The drop-downs work if you move your mouse fast enough so it "jumps" the gap in a rendering frame. So the hack is to just get rid of that gap. I tried looking for something that might be a bit more aesthetically pleasing, so it still lines up, but no luck. Here's the hack:

Change the margin in
#tabs .select :hover .select_sub,
#tabs .current .show

margin:-1px 0 0;

It works for me in IE6. I didn't test IE7.

Looking at the HTML, seems like you're getting tangled in the IE conditional hacks. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. You might want take a look at Suckerfish Dropdowns. I'm a fan of HTML Dog's version that cleans it up a bit.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I've got the gap taken care of now.

What I'm specifically looking for is the ability to make it display in a dropline, like it does in FF and not in a dropdown. I talked to Stu the guy who came up with the original and he said it's because I don't have a PX width on the submenu.

I think that this will be a case where I will have to investigate javascript solutions. Thanks for your help all the same.
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