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What is the scariest horror movie scene - but taken out of context?

I've watched a lot of horror movies, but a lot of them are not really scary if you just walk in the room, have no idea who the characters are or why, and what exactly is happening. A lot of horror movies depend on your empathy with the characters to be really scary. Those are arguably the better horror movies, but there are those other movies where scenes are shot that jangle all your primal flee instincts. You know any?

For example, walking into the scene where the birds are looking at the girl in "The Birds" is on its own, really not scary. The scaryness comes from the story telling.

However if you watch the japanese version of the grudge, and you are watching the scene where they drive a car, and suddenly that little boy appears with that screech at the gas pedal, then that is scary even when taken out of context.

Which other such good scenes are there?
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I think what you might be looking for are "jump scenes"; scenes designed to make the audience jump.

Check out this site.
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The Large Marge scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.
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I've always been horrified by the scene in Pet Sematary with the flashbacks to Zelda, the dead sister who had spinal meningitis. When the "mom" in the movie (can't think of her name right now) has a nightmare about Zelda jumping up and chanting things in her face I still get FA-REAKED out. The scene is out of context with the rest of the movie anyway, but if you walked into the room while this part was on it would be even scarier, I'd imagine!
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The rape scene from Irreversible, and the beating scene in the club at the end of the same movie, are two of the most frightening and disturbing sequences I've ever seen in a horror movie (and I've seen a lot of them), and they're just as scary out of context.
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The first glimpse of the creature in The Descent drinking at the pool of water is scary as hell regardless of how much of the film you've seen. Something deeply primeval about a monster in the dark that gets you good.
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That scene in Ju-on (the original, not that terrible American remake) where no, you're not safe hiding under the sheets. At the end of this trailer, you brave souls.
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The dead guy's face floating into view in Jaws, when Hooper dives to check out the hull of the wrecked fishing boat.
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The end of Texas Chainsaw Massacre when she's tied to the chair.
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Xere, that trailer cuts out the scariest part (IMO) of the scene you mention; when the ghost under the covers jerks forward suddenly. That scene freaked me out for days.
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The swimming pool scene from Poltergeist
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Oh, and the "chest burst" scene in Alien may qualify for this AskMe.
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Lots of scenes in The Ring (either version) are damn scary and always creep me out. Crawling out of the TV? - you need to know nothing about the film to suddenly decide to hit the pause button and pour yourself a stiff one.
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Essentially every single moment of Ju-on. There was a moment several years ago where a whole bunch of those came out -- The Ring, The Eye, The Grudge -- and I saw them all in their originals. None of them came anywhere near freaking me out the way Ju-on did. The movie has a constrained horror in it so that it remains scary even out of context, and not just in the "jump" scenes. If you ever played the Silent Hill games you'll know the feeling.

Not to derail but does anyone know why that suddenly happened in Asian horror? Did Ringu start it?
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The hand thrusting up out of the grave and grabbing that girl's wrist as she is putting flowers next to the headstone at the end of Carrie.
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Mouthless TV-watching sister reveal in the third segment of The Twilight Zone: the Movie (1983). But that might just be me.
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The sack suddenly moving in the middle part of Audition. Eventually discovering what's in the sack. And the foot...God yes, the foot.
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When Jodie Foster is trying to find the transvestite skin seamster (male seamstress?) in the dark at the end of Silence of the Lambs.

People getting chased by dinos in Jurassic Park.

This site might be helpful.

(Do films starring Keanu Reeves qualify as "horror?" Most of his scenes make me want to run out of the theater screaming.)
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No, activitystory, that is me too. I was going to mention it but I couldn't find a clip. It has haunted me for 25 years. Tried to explain the whole thing to my wife and she looked at me like I was crazy.
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Not a particular scene, but pretty much EVERY scene of Audition (example here) or The Begotten scared me to the point where if I even hear a few seconds of the movie playing, I have nightmares. For days.

For example, in Audition, there is a scene where the girl (who is the killer) vomits into a bowl and releases a severely mutilated man from a bag in her apartment. He eats the vomit. Multiply that times about 100 with interesting variations on torture and the psychology thereof and you have the movie.

Out of context, watching a severely mutilated person with no tongue eat a bowl of vomit is still traumatizing for me.
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Sorry if I posted a spoiler and you haven't seen Audition; also, should have previewed, sorry TheWhiteSkull.
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I accidentally walked into the room during the diner scene from Children of the Corn as a child and despite having a voracious appetite for horror (Asian, underground, mainstream, whatever) as an adult, I still can't bring myself to watch that movie.
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Any of the movies in "The Grudge" family. Particularly the US version of The Grudge 2, where the ghost pulls the little boy into the hooded sweatshirt, rises up out of the darkroom developer tray, or peers in through the gaps in the windows covered with newspaper by the woman she's driving insane. The chase scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar flees through the plastic- and insulation-festooned physical plant of the hospital after the ghost blows every light bulb in a hallway linearly and appears only in the shadow is also REALLY scary.
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Mulholland Dr isn't a horror movie, exactly, but the scene where the "bum" peeks out from behind the dumpster is freaky. Without knowing anything else about the movie, someone who saw that part, especially if they started when the man in the diner was describing his dream, should rightfully be freaked out.
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This scene from Exorcist III was permanently etched into my brain when I saw it out of context, flipping through the channels when I was a youngster. Still makes my feet tingle a little with dread (anyone else have that sensation when you get scared? Kind of like your feet are trying to run away from the rest of your body?). Also, check out this very good list of scary movie scenes.
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Mouthless TV-watching sister reveal in the third segment of The Twilight Zone: the Movie (1983). But that might just be me.

It's not. Holy shit. I hate you for reminding me of that.
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That "nurse's station" scene from Exorcist III was one of two good scenes in that film -- the other one being the "crawlingon the ceiling" scene. Freeee-keeee.
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In the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers - the one with Donald Sutherland - when the pod bursts open and it's a dog with a person's head on it and it runs off babbling insanely. ((shudder))
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I think the "air ducts" scene from Alien is so goddammed scary, context or no.

I'll also second owtytrof's suggestion of the "Alley behind Winky's" scene from Mulholland Drive.

Ten years ago, I would have recommended the "face falling off" scene from Poltergeist, but I re-watched it recently and the special effects just didn't hold up, sadly.
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Faint of Butt is totally right.

The first murder in Texas Chainsaw Massacre was pretty shocking, with the big dude and the hammer and the door. And maybe that random monster scene in Hellraiser.

More recently I'd add the scene in The Orphanage where the lady gets hit by the bus and then in her last dying moment grabs the main character's hand. Also the camcorder scene in The Descent, every scene in High Tension.
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The "clown under the bed" scene from Poltergeist was lots scarier if not as gross, saladin.
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The Orphanage is one I saw this year and one of the creepiest films I've seen....some real good examples of scenes like this in there:

The first time you see Tomás w/ the bag over his head in the hall.

Oh and for those who've seen it, they'll know a scene I call The Granny Whistle Grab.
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Yes, The Orphanage.
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I thought I was going to die from a heart myself before the climax in the original Ring, but I thing that was just me.

The attack from underneath the bed in the original Friday The 13th

The original Halloween has many truly scar moments... like where The Shape looms up in the back of the car.

There's a couple of choice jumps in recent The Orphanage
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My favorite out-of-context scary scene goes like this: There is an old TV movie about Ted Bundy that has a long stretch where you see a faceless person from the back following a woman before the next scene has the police combing the resulting murder scene, followed by police arguments about what to do, family members going on and on. This is about a 10-15min stretch (from memory). After all of this the scene cuts to an elevator door opening. Mark Harmon steps out.
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Lost Highway, Andy's party. It's not jump-in-your-face scary, but it is unsettling regardless of what you know about the film (and at this point in the movie, the audience is not too clued into things either for that matter).
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Jack Nicholson versus the beautiful woman in the bathtub scene in THE SHINING. Just as bad out of context.
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The twins in the hall in The Shining. Scary.
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Regan walking down the stairs.
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It's TV, but: 30 seconds of Bob.
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Since my number one choice has already been mentioned twice (the nurse's station scene in Exorcist III, which I think is one of the scariest scenes ever...and that movie as a whole is criminally under-rated), the elevator scene in The Eye gives me the creeping jibblies every single time. And I found the US remake of The Ring to be much scarier than the original (blasphemy, I know), and in addition to the TV-crawling/well-crawling scenes (which are plenty creepy, especially if you hadn't been saturated with Asian horror memes when you first saw them), the jump scene to the dead girl in the closet is just...eurgh. Also, "sloth" from Seven, I have seen that movie many times, but I have only watched that whole scene once.
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Towards the beginning of the new-ish remake of Dawn of the Dead, where after some establishing shots of an idyllic suburban neighborhood, we cut to a couple sleeping peacefully in their bed. The woman wakes up and sees one of the little neighborhood girls standing at the end of their hallway, thinks something is wrong (oh how right she is) and keeps saying the girl's name with no response until the girl's head snaps up, you see she's a zombie, and she runs full speed into the room and bites out the man's throat.

I've only seen the movie once a while ago and I'm recounting that scene from memory, so it might be a little off, but if I think of that scene while I'm in bed trying to go to sleep...ack!!!!

Upon further research (ie Youtube) this video has the scene I'm talking about, and it happens differently than I remember but is equally freaky, and I will now have nightmares for a week.
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Many good recommendations here. The one that sticks in my mind is from the end of The Shining. Shelley Duval and the kid are running out of the Hotel and they pass a guy in a bear suit (?) going down on a guy in a tuxedo. It was easily the most invasive feeling I've ever had from a movie.
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The Machinist: the funhouse/carnival ride was creepy.

Inland Empire: when Laura Dern rushes towards the camera, screaming; also the scene where there's some random guy with a lightbulb in his mouth staring at her.
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Jesus. The 'Nazi Wolfmen' scene from American Werewolf in London. That shit still freaks me out (that whole movie's a feat of the genre, as far as I'm concerned).
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Xere: "That scene in Ju-on (the original ...) ..."

OK, Xere? sidenote: I couldn't finish watching that.

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The last scene in Don't Look Now, a horror movie made in 1973 with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.
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Lots of great stuff here.

It took me a very long time to be able to watch the scene in The Fly where Jeff Goldblum snaps the guys arm in two, but once I watched it I discovered it wasn't really that bad.

What made it scary were the screams that came from the arm's owner.

(As an aside, I love moments like this in movies, when actors who were on set for maybe a day give absolutely wonderful performances. In this case it doesn't stand out much, because The Fly is such an incredible film, but it contributes quite a bit to the overall mood.)
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Oh, I meant to add an actual answer to my earlier side note ... but got so scared that I was distracted.

Out of context, I was terrified into a major adrenalin rush that I do not care to repeat by a scene in The Thing where a dude's head grows legs and turns into an alien spider or something and runs off into a dark corner . . .

And the scene in Salem's Lot where the brother vampire scratches on the window . . . which had this atheist walking around with two popsicle sticks held into a cross.

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The dead girl in the closet in The Ring.

The Glick kid floating in the fog scratching the window from Salem's Lot.

The deer attacking the car in The Ring 2.
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No background music. POV ascending dimly lit staircase, flashlight beam playing over risers. Beam lifts. Jump cut to macro close-up - Face Ripped Off Half Eaten Head. This is from Night of the Living Dead. I have (very deliberately) not watched that scene in 35 years.
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That scene in The Shining where Jack Nicholson spots through a door into one of the hotel rooms what looks like a man in a rabbit suit giving a guy a blow job? And they both look up at Jack with this dead ahead stare? It might not faze an audience today, but back in 1980 something, the first time I saw it, it made my hair stand on end as some representation of genuine decadence. [/not furry-ist]
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Oh god, and half-pig half-man in O Lucky Man. Fuck. I was so freaked out by that image that I couldn't sleep that night. Ugh.
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cosign on Audition. eeek.

for me in The Fly, the scene where they try to teleport the.. baboon, is it?

Dario Argento specializes in some pretty terrifying set pieces, such as a long sequence in Suspiria that starts where a girl is looking out a window and yellow eyes suddenly appear. there is also a pretty creepy little moment in Deep red where nothing gross happens.. a child's toy goes skittering across the floor.. seriously creeped me out. I guess a lot of those depend on atmosphere but you could start right at that window scene in Suspiria and it'd be pretty scary I think.
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khaibit! You too. And you're right, it was Shelley Duvall, not Jack Nicholson who witnessed that. I haven't watched the movie since, so it's a bit mixed up in my memory.
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The scene that gives me nightmares was actually completely out of context in the movie itself: The Fuzzy looking up from giving fellatio in the Shining.
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*Furry. Forgive my sexual fetish naivite
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Damnit khaibit and jokeefe above! I waited till after work to search for that YouTube link Sorry for the third follow up, but the its the only thing that gave me nightmares in my horror-movie filled youth. I'm not surprised other people consider it freaky, as well.
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Another one is this scene from The Tenant.
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Thirding the bunny suit/blowjob scene from The Shining. For sure. Times 1,000.
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Okay, not a bunny suit. Still scary.
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When the little girl is straight up staring at the fuzzy screen in the exorcist. Zomg. Honestly, none of the "new" horror movies made scare me at *all*. I'm that douchebag who laughed through Blair Witch and The Grudge and The Ring.

Little kids though, little posessed kids. Gah! And she turns her little head and says all sing songey "They're heeeeeeere..."

And it's time for bed, only not for sleeping.
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That was Poltergeist, Tom.
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Not scary in a horror-film way, but the scene where Annie smashes Paul Sheldon's ankles with a sledgehammer is a definite sphincter-clencher in or out of context.
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Oh fuck - seconding Amber Tamblyn's body in the closet in The Ring, especially since that shot comes from out of nowhere in the middle of another character's narration.

I'll add the ghost's eye through the keyhole jump scene in The Devil's Backbone.

Now, I am going to make sure my closet light works.
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I so hate the cheap what's-that-I'll-walk-over-here-slowly-and-CAT JUMPS OUT! WITH JARRING MUSIC! Relief...turn, and-THE REAL KILLER IS THERE! WITH JARRING MUSIC! formula that unoriginal directors feel they need to put into movies. I think just the loud music alone is what makes people jump, and tricks you into thinking a scene is scary when it really doesn't earn the scare. The "jump" scare can work, and works to great effect in Rec.

I don't want to give spoilers, so I won't specify any particular scene, but just think of it as a general horror recommendation.

It's a Spanish horror film in the vein of "The Blair Witch Project", but crossed with [another movie I won't name 'cause it's a kind of spoiler], and expertly, expertly paced. It's a rollercoaster, and I watched it in the middle of the afternoon in my brightly lit apartment and it freaked me out and entertained me in equal measures. So, anyway, there are several "jump" scenes, and they all fit perfectly into the story, unlike countless movies using the above formula. I hope a lot more folks discover this one.
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Scanners. Kablooie.

Also, the part in Pet Sematary with the Achilles tendon and the little kid.
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I recall a scene in the descent where the character is looking down the cave, not sure what she's seeing, then suddenly SOMETHING MOVES. Freaked me right the hell out.
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Sorry, all you guys freaked out by the furry blowjob in the Shining - but I just watched FuManchu's link and that's not scary. I mean, freaked out looking girl, has a knife, kind of weird background music...and then...there's a bear costume giving some guy a blow job? Huh, odd, but no primal need to flee there.
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Jacalata, horror is subjective. I've seen practically all of the scenes mentioned here and some of them just make me laugh in or out of context. I won't mention any examples because I don't think anyone here is being deliberately facetious about their answer. Different strokes for different folks. And at least they answered the question.
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I think I was answering the question - I've barely seen a single movie mentioned here, so I watched all the youtube clips linked. That Andy's party scene, as you said: not jumping scary, but very unsettling. The scene from the Ju-on trailer: looks scary. The nurses scene from The Exorcist? I just about jumped off my chair. The scene from The Tenant: took me about ten minutes to watch (3 minute clip) because I kept pausing the clip to breathe a little. And sure that's all my experience, but from that clip of The Shining, I don't even understand what was supposed to be scary about it - it seems to me like people must have already been freaked out by whatever happens before that in the movie to find that scary, which is the definition of 'needs context'.
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nthing various scenes from The Ring, especially the shot of the dead girl in the closet, which I think exemplifies exactly what the poster is asking about. Also seconding the sloth scene in Se7en. The horror builds in the next scene when the doctor reveals that the victim couldn't identify his torturer because he had bitten off his own tongue long ago.
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I have to agree with jacalata -- though humor and terror are subjective, I think that scene in my opinion is not scary at all . . . out of context. And I'm clearly easily spooked. I watched it on the YouTube clip -- completely out of context -- and it did not scare me. I remember being scared stiff watching The Shining, so jacalata's point is worth mentioning in terms of the original question.
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Guys, for me, a lot of the "scary" scenes in horror films don't make me jump simply because I don't get sucked into those things as much... Dead girl crawling into your bed? Well, I had a wolf spider on my leg in a sleeping bag once, and I check for them now. Snarling alien beast? Deal with it like you would any other animal. Something coming around the corner? Well, use some of your non-visual senses and stop listening to a soundtrack, dummy. It is the same experience we've all gone through as toddlers, but with newer threats.

The reason that Shining scene freaks me out is that I just have no idea how I should react. My fight-or-flight instinct was short-circuited. And the hidden expressions on the two... beings... gives you no clue either, as does the ambiguity of exactly what is happening. [Being already familiar with Furry culture would definitely diminish the fright factor, I give you.]
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I've barely seen a single movie mentioned here...

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Oh, and for those of you who enjoy typical horror movie thrills: You can get the same experience being on a farm with too many barn cats. Discovery of bloodied corpse? Check. Glowing eyes staring at you from the dark? Check. Strange howls eminating from unseen places? Check. Creatures lunging at you when you least expect it? Check. "Aliens" have nothing on those real-life demons.
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Hell yea. I got scared watching Scary Movie and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I jump and occasionally scream when someone walks up behind me in the afternoon. You want me to sit here and deliberately wait for something to jump out of the dark? Fuck that. I did see the Ring and Ring II, holding my breath most of the way, and I think I could stand psychological thrillers better. I just can't handle sudden noises or things jumping out, or the nervous tension of expecting something sudden to happen.

And yes, I do hate my housemates cat!
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I've seen practically all of the scenes mentioned here and some of them just make me laugh in or out of context.

Me too. The first time I saw the director's cut of The Exorcist was for a commercial of the movie where only a fraction of the whole scene was shown, I was peeking through my fingers. After watching it multiple times it doesn't have quite the same impact on me. Generally, scenes where people are acting less than human freak the ever loving out crap of me. The things-jumping-out-at-you-when-you least-expect-it meme does nothing because I now expect it and, consider it a cheap parlour trick.
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What bothered me most about the furry scene wasn't any of the present elements, rather it was the feeling of invasion. The stare was just unnerving. That said, it is entirely possible that was contextual, a violation of some sort of film to film watcher contract. Doesn't change the fact that I still refuse to watch the youtube clip.

Also, this thread made me sleep with a light on last night. I've never done that before. Thanks y'all.
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Pants ending, but the bit where Will Smith has to follow his dog into the dark in I am Legend gave both me and my SO the severe willies. Breathing heavily, he is very convincingly terrified, shielding his torch so the creatures won't seeeeee.

And then they're all just standing there.

I was playing the darkened underground garage level in Half Life 2, Ep 1, and this bit came right back into my head. Yergh.
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I'll second the Glick kid scene in Salem's Lot.

Also, the scene in the original Carrie where her hand pops up out of the ground. I saw that movie when I was 10 yr. old and had nightmares for three months. To this day, I cannot watch it.

Even though I heard it was a publicity stunt, that scene in Three Men and a Baby that first shows the rifle and then shows the little boy with no feet hovering in the window still absolutely creeps me out.
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I think the immortal scene from the first Alien movie where everyone's having dinner, and then Kane has his attack, everyone gathers around trying to help, and then the alien *bursts* out of his chest is pretty bloody freaky even if you only watched the movie from chow time on.

And The Thing. Lots of moments in The Thing. Particularly ones include: the bit with the heart defib paddles, the scene in the kennels with the dogs and the not-dog, and the blood test scene.
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