Cat Has Runny Nose, Cough, and is Listless/Bored -- Anything Fatal?
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Cat flu: I'm looking after a cat for a friend, and she recently (yesterday) got a runny nose, and coughs some. She also appears listless and bored. I'm stuck at work and will get her to the vet ASAP, but for now I need some reassurance that this isn't fatal? Thanks!
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Cat's get colds sometimes. It won't be fatal, especially if it isn't a kitten. The vet is a good idea though, you'll probably get some drops for the cat that I'm sure it will love. Keep it away from other cats too.
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Cats are prone to upper respiratory infections, some of which can be fatal if left untreated for too long. A trip to the vet is definitely in order, even if just for your peace of mind.
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"I'm looking after a cat for a friend, and she recently (yesterday) got a runny nose, and coughs some."

Tell your friend to nip to the doctor, and keep her away from the cat.

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Is the cat staying with you? Has she been moved from her usual environment? From what I've been told about my own new cat, stress can factor into the emergence of sniffly symptoms. Is she wheezing or having a hard time breathing at all? Or is it just sniffles and ennui?

My cat was treated for a very nasty infection when she was first rescued, and she was still a little sniffly when she came to live with me. Very smelly wet food helped stimulate her appetite, and lots of reassuring snuggles and extra playtime helped when she pretended to be Morrissey.

Here's a fact sheet that might help you feel better.
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Is the snot (if you'll pardon the expression) clear or cloudy. Clear snot means it's probably just a cold, not too much to worry about. Nasty cloudy gunky snot means an infection, something to worry about.
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listless and bored

welcome to cats
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