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Okay, sorry if this question is a bit vague. I am trying to track down a song I heard a few months ago on the radio. I tried that webpage that tracks playlists, but it didn't cover my station (101.5 in LA). Anyway, the song starts off with an extended drum section that sounds like what a high school marching band would do. After a bit the precusssion segues into a sort of cutesy indiepop song. Later the drums come back. Sorry to be so vague, but if you know it I'd love to hear it again.
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was it the UMass Marching Band cover of Paranoid Android?

cause that's a pretty damned good cover.
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Response by poster: No, but that is great.

It reminded me of the band in "Our Song", the Jim McCay movie, if anybody has seen that.
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Wow, talk about a shotsy in the dark! I'll be amazed if we get this one. Just to clarify - you don't know the name of the band or the name of the song, right? And the beginning - is it drums only, no other instruments, right? Are there vocals during the cutesy part?
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If you remember the day and approximate time of day that it played, you could call or email the radio station and ask them. Or you can wait until it comes on again and note the exact time it played, then ask the DJ. I have done that before for a purely instrumental piece played on the radio.

Similarly, if there are vocals in it, you could do a google search.
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Wow, talk about a shotsy in the dark!

This thread is now Worth It.
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Response by poster: iconomy: most clever!

I thought it might be a stretch, but worth the effort. You see, I woke up thinking about it a few days ago and have since been haunted by the ghost of its tune. I am almost able to reconstruct it, but not quite.

I did remember as I was driving home that it features a whistle prominently. Like a military drill sort of thing.

Another point of reference would be that first song on Rythmn of the Saints by Paul Simon.

Perhaps if I bow before the Gods of hip...
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So let me get this straight:

- Drum intro (not unlike a marching band)
- Goes into some "cutesy" "indy' "pop"
- there is a whistle (drill sargent?)
- the drums come back

... I got nothin
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Sounds a little like "Cobwebs and Strange" by the Who. It's got a whistle, an interplay between drums and other instruments, and a cutely tune. But that song's from 1968, so I have no idea. Was it a very short song?
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Response by poster: interrobang: The marching band section went on for at least a minute or two before going into the pop part for about three minutes. I'd say it was maybe 5 or 6 minutes. Cobwebs and Strange is has a very similar sound to the song in question, but a bit more psychadelic spin.

I really appreciate all of your help. You should all consider yourselves lucky you don't know me in person as I'm constantly asking questions like this: "hey, who was that guy in the awful movie where things blow up and he hasn't got any time to stop stuff?"

One correction: The song was played on Indie 103.1, I don't know where 101.5 came from.
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Well, I'm stumped. Since I'm no use, I'll instead nominate my favorite starts-with-cheesy-drum-intro/turns-into-indie-pop song, The Eels' Novocaine For The Soul.
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Maybe Tusk by Fleetwood Mac (I'm not sure what you mean by "indiepop.")
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You should all consider yourselves lucky you don't know me in person as I'm constantly asking questions like this: "hey, who was that guy in the awful movie where things blow up and he hasn't got any time to stop stuff?"

Are you my husband? He says things like "Hey, remember when that thing happened?" and then looks at me expectantly. Or he'll ask me if I know where I put "that thing that he had that time". Hah.

Anyway, I'm passing this question on to a friend who knows stuff about stuff. It must be answered! The two bands that sprung to my mind immediately were Beulah and Of Montreal - they each have done a few songs that fit your description, but none of the songs I was thinking of has a whistle in it.
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The first thing that springs to mind is Post-Psychedelic Furs outfit Love Spit Love's version of 'Am I Wrong' from the soundtrack to that movie 'Angus.' If I remember correctly, they re-recorded it with a marching band specifically for that soundtrack. I might just be crazy though.... wait nope i'm right. From this link:

"From the opening title sequence featuring Love Spit Love's "Am I Wrong" synched to the performance of a high school marching band during halftime"

I also remember some ridiculously high flute stuff going on in the song. I'm at work now, and can't check.
So... 'Am I wrong?'
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Did it sound modern or could it be from the 60's.. 70's..?
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if i were you, i would find the nerdiest indie record store clerk in your immediate vicinity
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you could try the artists/songs listed on 103.1's "what we're playing lately" page. Head on over to amazon and listen to samples from those bands.
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Could it be The Minders - Hurray for Tuesday?
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Response by poster: Still haven't got it yet, but thanks for the suggestions.

wackybrit: It was definately recent.

If I find it, I'll certainly post here. I've emailed the station and I'll try emailing Ohter Music and Amoeba to see if they want to play along.
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Maybe it was something off the Drumline soundtrack?
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I'm going with the Elephant 6 route. If it's not Beulah, Minders, or Of Montreal, I'd vote for Neutral Milk Hotel.

Can't think of a specific track, but it does seem to fit Jeff Mangum's MO.
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If you call the Program Director at the station you heard it on, they should be able to tell you with that description. The jocks don't always know, it depends. I work in radio and we've figured out song mysteries with about half the info you have.
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damn it, now I want to know what the song was.
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Response by poster: When I find it, and damnit I must(!), I will post it here. Again, htanks to all of you who have scoured your brains for the info.
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I wish I was more help. I sometimes know stuff like this but I think I need at least a line or two from it.
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