Looking for a (very specific) document storage box
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I'm looking for a very specific kind of document storage box.

I'm looking for a particular kind of document storage box, an example of which I once possessed.

It was sized to store documents of roughly A4 dimensions, with a depth of about 5cm, and constructed from very stiff cardboard. It had a hinged lid, which could be held closed by a couple of elastic loops pulled over the corners. Its size and shape meant it could be stacked horizontally or stored upright on a bookshelf.

Inside there was a large spring-clip mounted on one side that kept the papers inside from shifting around by pressing them to the floor of the box. The one I used to have was used to store loose correspondence and some slender manuals.

I never knew the origin of the box I used to have - it came, and left, with the job.

I was certain that University Products would have the kind of boxes I was after, but they're not quite right. I've googled around a bit, but the search terms I'm using seem to bring the wrong results. They're probably manufactured for a particular industry, but I can't identify which one.

I know I can get document storage boxes from any stationer - the kind with the removable lid that is designed to be stacked on a shelf - but I'd much prefer one similar to the one I used to have.

Any takers? Bonus points if the supplier is in Australia!
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Best answer: Here are a few. I've never seen these before, what a great idea.
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I see these all the time when watching British TV (lawyers always seem to have a wall of shelves full of these behind them) but have no idea what they're called. I just figured it was one of those US has 8.5" x 11 paper, UK has A4; US has 3-ring binders, UK has those things. [Box files? Bo-ring. Needs a cleverer name - please give yours some suitable Australian nickname.]
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Response by poster: Box files! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

(The heavy duty version on that page is the one I was after.)
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I had one on my lap as I clicked open the question ;-)

I don't know if the term "foolscap" is used in Australia but searching UK sites for foolscap boxfile (and foolscap box file) brings up a huge range, e.g. W H Smith .

The ordinary ones fulfill your criteria apart from the elastic - I have some of those but they aren't as sturdy as the very stiff cardboard ones linked above, tending to be made of plastic instead. You can probably get those from a fancy stationery store such as Paperchase (who are also stocked on Amazon).
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I like this version. It has a sturdy magnetic clip closure, and the hole in the spine makes it easy to remove from shelves if you store in upright.
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Best answer: If you're in a major city you can just walk into Officeworks and get them. They're usually on the far back wall, with the archive boxes and big plastic containers.
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Response by poster: Thanks t0astie, that's exactly where I found them.
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