Budget hotels in Paris?
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Paris budget hotel recommendations: I hope to be in Paris for about a week, at the end of August. I'll need to be in the vicinity of Ecole des Mines, Boulevard Saint Michel, 6eme. Any Mefites have experience of budget accomodations in this area? Merci beaucoup!
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I don't know what qualifies as budget - but I have been staying at the Hotel Eugenie for decades. It's right off the place St. Michel on the Rue St. Andre des artes. I first went with my parents when i was young- but have since been back a couple of times on my own as an adult.
It's not super cheap - but much less than most. Clean, friendly and the location is fantastic.
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I can't for the life of me remember where I stayed in Paris, but I remember finding a charming inexpensive place using the "Hitchikers Guide to France" (not related to Douglas Adams, an actual book).
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Ibis hotels are worth a look: cheapish & clean, with decent breakfasts. There are dozens in Paris, but this one seems the closest to where you need to be.
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In the 14'th there's a place called the Cité universitaire. It's student residences, and I think you can rent a room during the summer for pretty cheap. They're at the south side of the 14'th, so that may be too far from the areas you want ...
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Got a great deal in March at GoToday. Stayed at TimHotel, a small chain w/many Paris locations. Bonne chance!
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I always like to stay in the Hotel de Nevers in the Rue du Bac. It's right on the 6th/7th border and has very clean rooms and solicitous service. It's also not a budget-buster.

NB: There's another Hotel de Nevers in the 10th which is even cheaper, but it's not as clean...
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I don't know if it's in your area, but I stayed at the Aloha hostel when I was there and I liked it just fine. Not fancy and not private, but it was close to the metro and cheap. Not the most comfortable place in the world if you aren't backpacking on the cheap, though.

Alternately, hostelworld.com has great listings and ratings for places in Paris, budget hotels and hostels.
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I once recommended this place, but it's not that close to where you want to stay, I don't think.
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Book directly with the hotel/hostel you eventually choose; sites like HostelWorld (and its millions of affiliate sites) charge commission and establishments tend to raise their prices accordingly and/or not put all of their availability on those sites.

The Aloha is part of the C.H.E.A.P. group; one of their sites shows about four budget hotels/hostels around the 6eme, though the 3 Ducks tends to be backpacker party central.
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Response by poster: Thanks, y'all; between you and guide books and the WWW I'll be able to get something sorted out!
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