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I'd like to buy more of a specific type of tea that my fiancée really likes, but since she obtained it abroad we don't know what the name of the type of tea is. It's a bit of a longshot, but can someone help try to identify it?

When my fiancée was studying abroad in Uppsala, Sweden, she went to a shop that sells coffees and teas called Bönor & Blad underneath a café named Storken. While at the shop, she purchased a type of tea that she really liked. The tea is labeled "champagne;" the leaves are very dark brown and it had little shreds of yellow and blue petals in it. She says it "smells a little like strawberry, but not enough for that to be its primary flavor."

That's, uh, about all we have. I can try to provide more details if there are other important questions to be asked. Thanks!
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Best answer: While in Australia my wife and I had a tea similar to that. We've never found it in the US. I believe it was the Earl Grey Blue Flower described as follows: "Imported black tea blend with bergamot flavouring. Tea, blue mallow blossoms, corn flower blossoms, flavouring." It's the yellow and blue flower petals that make me think they may be the same. It may not have been precisely that tea, but it definitely had "blue flower" in the name
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Lupica has a champagne rose tea, "flavored with sour-sweet strawberries and champagne."
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Sorry, that's Lupicia. It doesn't seen to have the flowers, but does have the name and flavors.
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Best answer: By the way here is a picture of Blue Flower Earl Grey.
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Bonor Blad has a website -- -- and if you click on "tesortiment" there's a listing of the teas, including what I would guess is the kind your fiancee likes, "Rooibos Bubbel (Champagne) Rooibos samt arom champagne. Koffeinfritt. Innehåller antioxidanter."
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I'm sorry, I missed the fact that it was labeled "Champagne". But the tea that Squeak Attack found doesn't have blue and yellow petals, as far as I can tell. Could she be talking about two different teas?
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Response by poster: She says that based on the picture it's definitely the Blue Flower Earl Grey. I'm not sure where the Champagne thing factors in, but maybe it was just a variation on this style of tea. Thanks for the help, everyone.
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I buy a fantastic Earl Grey with mallow blossoms from this site. They call it Earl Grey De La Creme and it does taste creamy and it is so, so good. So good! I'm going to make myself a pot right now.
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Adagio also sells a similar Earl Grey, albeit with an added bit of citrus.
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Rooibos Bubbel (Champagne) Rooibos samt arom champagne means, roughly, Rooibos with the same aroma/flavor as Champagne. If you look furter down on the list, under "Smaksatta svarta teer " (Tasty Dark/Black Teas) you will see "Bubbel (Champagne)" "Black tea with champagne flavor" I bet if you call them and speak slowly, that they can do an order for you.
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You might also look for Marriage Frères teas. (That's not the official site, but it's good because it has a lot of pictures of the various blends. In particular, she / you might like their teas called Eros and Marco Polo, each of which has a slightly fruity taste and has little petals.
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