looking for a portable, sturdy hammock stand
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Where is the best place to buy a hammock stand? I have two hammocks, bought in Central America, that I'd like to use. One has a wood spreader bar, the other doesn't. I like to find a decent, outdoor worthy hammock stand that I can use for both.

I don't need a attractive one, I need a sturdy one (that doesn't need a tree for support or anything). One that is portable, and that could potentially support two people (and is cheap and weather resistant), would be great.

I ask here because there are so many online, that I was hoping someone could vouch for theirs before I go spend $60-120 on one.

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Try Byer of Maine. Sounds like you might want two "Madera" stands - or just one if you can find ONE tree. Keep in mind while you're looking that "portable" and "supports two people" are in conflict - sturdy does not equal light, etc. Spreader bar should be irrelevant, but make sure you get something that doesn't have a fixed length - your two hammocks probably require two different lengths.
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I just realized that now - i think i need two different stands because one has the spreader bar and wont sink as low.
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I used to work at a store where we sold Twin Oaks stands, and we never had any complaints or return issues. And Twin Oaks is a pretty interesting story in and of itself.
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My flatmate converted an old backyard kids swing he scored for free into a hammock stand. It's the perfect size & a funky green colour. It's sturdy enough to take two people but you probably wouldn't want to get too rowdy. It took us about 5 minutes to assemble so it's portable. The hammock is connected with something i believe is called a 'D'. Very simple. I just uploaded some pics if you're keen to check it out our gorgeous hammock.
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There are some on this page.
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