Oh brother where art though final scene...
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What was the filming location of the final scene of "Oh Brother Where art Though?" I have this illogical urge to know. The shot seems so southern picturesque. (Link to Video included) Help!

Final Scene

Maybe its the train tracks and the lingering pause...I don't know. But I must know! Is it even a real location?
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"thou" not "though". I admit I'm an idiot.
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Vicksburg, Mississippi?
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Oh my. That has to be some sort of world record. The buildings on the right, they're all original to the location? I'm sad to see that the bridge has been torn down. :(
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Seems to be like it's got to be one of these towns...
so Vicksburg seems like a definite possibility.
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Unless there was some movie-magic going on, it's definitely Edwards, MS, outside Vicksburg. You can see some of the buildings from the clip in this shot.
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"Vicksburg" is misleading—Edwards is halfway between Vicksburg and Jackson. Thanks for the question; I was interested in the location too.
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Yeah, I typoed in "Vicksburg" for "Edwards."
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