What are your suggestions for keeping skunks away from our home?
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Skunkfilter - any experiences in keeping skunks away? Our lovely new home seems to have some tasty bugs in the lawn, and skunks dig 'em up at night. Sometimes the neighbor dogs scare them, and they spray (ever been awoken in the middle of the night by a noxious odor)? I've seen suggestions online for Fox urine, hot pepper, mothballs, etc. Anyone know one that works reliably?
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Insecticide. Kill the bugs and perhaps the skunks will feed elsewhere. (I assume you are not trying to grow your lawn organically, in which case there are other, slower options for getting rid of the bugs and hence the skunks.)
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Response by poster: Thanks caddis, but we're a little wary of insecticides - our small kiddos play on the same lawn every day.
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Try cornmeal for an insecticide. There are websites which discuss this and other alternatives.
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I don't use insecticides either. The only bugs I deal with are grubs and milky spore has taken care of them quite nicely. It takes a few years to get established, though.
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Response by poster: Groovy, will look into those, thanks.
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Another alternative to chemical insecticides is beneficial nematodes - they are predators on most of the grubs found in sod. I've seen nematodes sold under the product name Grub Guard. AFAIK, milky spore is highly effective, but only on Japanese beetle grubs, and Caddis is correct on the fact is takes a few years to become fully effective on them.
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Call Animal Control in your town. They may know of someone who will trap and move them.
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Call Animal Control and have the dogs impounded. The skunks are minding their own business, its the dogs making trouble.
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From the makers of Scatmat, comes Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler.

"The Scarecrow is the smartest scarecrow ever invented. When it sees an intruder, it instantly sprays the trespasser with water under full garden hose pressure.

The effect is both startling and immediate! Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid it in the future."

"Q: Does it work both day and night?
A: Yes. In fact a bit better at night when temperatures cool down and the animals' infrared "signature" increases."

Although by the videos, I'm worried about that raccoon. Aren't they nocturnal? I sense a set up for that poor critter.
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Great horned owls do a bang-up job on skunks -- rip 'em to shreds, eat the shreds, pay no attention to the stink. If you can think of a way to get some great horned owls to hang out at your house your problem's solved. In fact, maybe the skunks will attract some. Midnight snack!
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