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Where can I find needlepoint supplies in DC?

I'm looking to make some needlepoint pillows. Where can I find the necessary supplies in DC? I can't locate any craft stores. It is vital that the stores are metro-accessible. Thank you!
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The Point of it All is just a few blocks from the Friendship Heights metro (google map). You can also try G Street Fabrics on K Street by Farragut North, but they almost certainly have a broader category of inventory.
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Ack this is sometimes a problem... there are some yarn stores on the hill and one in georgetown, not sure if they sell needlepoint stuff.

If you're up for a schlep, there's a place called the Needlewoman East in Virginia -
703 241 0316
You take the metro to West Falls Church and then take a bus to the corner of Broad and Spring Street,. They have a lot of nice specialty fibers but I really think you might want to consider shopping online.
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G street fabrics is not on K street anymore. There is a store called Exquisite Fabrics near Farragut North but they don't sell any needlepoint stuff. There's a G Street fabrics near the White Flint metro stop but I don't remember if they sell any needlepoint stuff. You could call them.
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chickaboo is right, my mistake re: G Street. One more google search turns up a new place, Ipso Crafto, at Eastern Market. In addition to scrapbooking and things, they list "Cross stitch" so they may have some needlework supplies. Worth a call to see if they have exactly what you need.
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I was going to recommend trying Ipso Crafto, too. There's also Stitch DC along the same strip of shops.
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Seconding Needlewoman East. It's really not that far outside of the city.
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Hi, I just was going through my AskMeFi and I just noticed your question.

There are essentially two needlepoint stores in the DC area. My wife and I own one of them - The Point of It All - near the Friendship Heights metro station and Mazza Gallerie. My wife's name is Susan, so if you haven't been by the shop, feel free to give her a call at 202.966.9898. Or email me with any questions. also, there is www.tpoia.com . She carries a lot of "hipper" needlepoint canvases and a lot of the usual canvases as well. We also have a custom artist.

As the other posters suggested, there is also Needlewoman east in, i believe, Falls Church. I can't tell you a whole lot about this store since I've never been.

I hope you already found the answer to your question, but if not, feel free to MeFi mail me or call the shop.
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