Butcher, baker, beggar, thief, doctor, lawyer, tribal chief? What are you?
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IANA- filter: I know that you are not a Lawyer, a Financial Advisor, a Physicist, a Pizza Stone Expert, a Mathematician, an Astronomer, or a Doctor (at least not the right kind); so what are you?

btw, if you are any of those things feel free to answer as well, I wouldn't want to discourage any Pizza Stone Experts from joining the discussion. Oh, and I'm a recent college graduate doing number crunching for the finance department of a start-up company.
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This seems a bit MeTa-ish, but I don't know if they like GTKY type posts or not. It seems a bit vague.

I'm an aspiring programmer, but more immediately - closr to what I "am" - I plan to getting a nursing degree and be a nurse while I'm in college (way better than flipping hamburgers!) and as a fallback while there's no CS jobs, which is always.
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I'm somebody who pays attention to the front page sidebar links.
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As well as being a DBNTKWPHFUYT, obviously ;-)
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I'm the person in charge of applying adhesive to the PostItâ„¢ notes and aligning them in those neat stacks. I get paid by the hundred weight. Please buy more PostItâ„¢ notepads!!!! I need new jeans.
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Mostly I get paid to read MetaFilter, but every now and then I get paid to look busy. I get pretty good dental for it too!
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i *am* a lawyer; i'm just not *your* lawyer. . .
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Response by poster: I thought about posting this on MeTa, and hadn't seen the MeFi occupations link (which I'll certainly consult the next time I'm looking for a crayon, Galactic Overlord, or Retired Diety), but I know that I spend more time in the green than the blue nowadays, and hardly ever venture itno the grey anymore so I didn't think asking there would give me a great response. I don't think that the collection of people answering questions here on a regular basis are necessarily the same people hanging out in MeTa, so I asked here. Anyways, just curious about what kind of collective expertise we represent.
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I'm bored. Thanks for asking.
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Unemployed. Yee haw!
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Dear rorycberger,

We think you're crazy to make us write this essay telling you what we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal...
Does that answer your question?
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I'm a librarian, but I know a lawyer joke. By which I mean it's joke that one lawyer might tell another lawyer.
Anyway, it goes like this:
A man in a hot air balloon descends to a height of about 50 feet over a vast field. He sees a woman in the field and shouts down to her, "Excuse me! Excuse me, ma'am, I've been blown off course and I'm completely lost. Could you tell me where I am?"
The woman looks up at the balloon and the man and says, "Well, you're about 50 feet in the air above this field."
The exasperated man responds, "Oh, you're a lawyer," and curses his luck.
Surprised, the woman responds, "Wow! How did you know I was a lawyer? That's astonishing."
And the man says, "Well, because you managed to answer my question without telling me anything I didn't know."
"Hmm," responds the woman, "I'm surprised I didn't recognize you; you're obviously one of my clients."
And the man says, "What makes you think that?"
"Well," says the woman, "you're in exactly the same situation you were in 5 minutes ago, but now you're convinced it's my fault."
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I am a librarian as well, but I lack any good lawyer jokes.

I am a bad librarian.
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I am a bad librarian.

Surely the best kind.
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willpie! ha! (sorry this is not much of a contribution to this thread but it perfectly describes my morning)
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I think I'd like to be a librarian
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Computer Programmer.
In Visual Dataflex.
Which is, as you're asking, a completely useless programming language that nobody uses.
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I'm merely a librarian's assistant. I make sure the computers run, the books check out, the printers print, the laminator laminates, etc. so that the real librarian can nap and read People.
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I'm a poet, a philosopher, and a burger flipper.
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soplerfo, being a librarian is a hoot. Plus, mcsweetie does all the work and we don't do anything at all!
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I'm the boss of all of you.
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I used to be a librarian.
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A college student, on his way to being a graduate and then off to film school so I can fail horribly. At least i'm Jewish, that gives me a leg up.
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what are you?

I'm about *this* close to kicking your ass.
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What he said. I'm also a labor-issues consultant. But I'm retiring from all that at the end of this month or next, as soon as I wrap up the projects I'm working on in a manner that will allow me to pass them on to someone else neatly. I'm also the owner or co-owner of a number of residential and business properties. I'm not retiring from that, as it provides the income which is allowing me to retire from the other. But I don't actually do much with that (thank heavens for professional property managers) so I'll mostly just be retired.
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I am a library patron.
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I'm often late returning books to the library.
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I am a mathematician. Or at least I was, back when I used to be able to tell you things like what the formal definitions of the Ovals of Cassini or Equilibrated Convex Body.

Although I am apparently the number one result on Google for Equilibrated Convex Body.

I'm a programmer and aesthetician and project manager at large for the web, for most of my money, right now, but I really want to go back to some hard math, maybe some Financial Math or Pricing/Yield/Revenue Management.
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I'm a daddy, a lover (not a player), a programmer, a lay Beat scholar, and a library volunteer. In my spare time I am the Kwisatch Haderach.
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Ich bin ein Berliner
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Ah, ze ofals of Cassini, zey are so bootiful...
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A chef and restaurant owner.

Used to be a user experience consultant till a year back. :)
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At least i'm Jewish, that gives me a leg up.

Not to mention a tip-off.

Thank you, I'm here all week.
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Neither fish nor fowl.
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So you're flaeshick?

[goes with i_am_joe's_spleen's comment]
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I am not a self-link.

And the I AM NOT Hall of Fame.
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Apparently, I'm "a level 24 briton scout"

Whatever that is.
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I'm an answering service operator. You've all heard the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger"? No one else has.

I'm also a college student majoring in sociology, which means I'll probably be an answering service operator for quite a while to come.
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I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother.
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I am nothing. I am atman. I am everything. I am retired. I am a musician, a programmer, a generalist, a synthesist, a philosopher, a nudist, an internet junkie, a queer. A writer, an artist. A stupid white man, an expatriot, a spouse.
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I'm a space cowboy.
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Some people call me Maurice.
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I am a 12th-level Necromancer. Seriously, you do not want to fsck with me.
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