Microsoft Office is accessing my wi-fi - how do I stop it?
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How do I prevent Microsoft Office from going online?

I recently noticed this recently while I was setting up a new laptop with software.

My old computer (Mac Book Pro) was on, with Word open. After installing Office on my new computer, I tried opening Word to confirm, and it wouldn't allow me saying that I was already using a copy (and addressing me by name - creepy).

Anyway, I don't know if the Word is using the wireless connection for the two computers to communicate, or if its going online to a central server.

Either way, the idea that Office is beaming my personal details without my knowledge is hella creepy. How do I stop it without messing with my wifi setup?

How can I prevent this?
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A good firewall should let you create a rule to block the app from going online, as long as you have it in "ask me first" mode.
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Best answer: Little Snitch.
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Just to reassure you, i's not going online to a central server. It may be doing it with Bonjour or IP multicast, I don't remember, but it's not leaving your home network.
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Seconding Little Snitch.
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Like kindall said, its not going online, nor is it beaming personal data anywhere. Its checking for any other computers using the same license on your local network.

Little snitch will prevent it from going online (which I have found that the Office apps do not).
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3rding or 4thing Little Snitch.
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Best answer: The Leopard firewall has an "ask me first" mode--use it. Or just shut down all incoming connections with the built in firewall; you don't need to buy anything. It's using IP broadcast: 2004 used port 2222 UDP, and I think 2008 added some others.
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Seconding that it's not going beyond your home network. It only checks for other copies on the network at startup, so turn your wi-fi off for a second while opening Word, then turn it back on once Word's open.
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Or you could, you know, comply with the terms of the EULA you agreed to when you installed the thing.

If you don't like those terms (and you shouldn't - they suck) then give Microsoft the roo fingers and install instead.
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Response by poster: Little Snitch sounds like a great option, but at $25 I'd prefer to manhandle the firewall on my own - thanks for both suggestions!
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