Where should I go for the daily news?
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What is a good newsfeed for daily American news at a national level?

I read the BBC's newsfeed for general current events and international news. I read the Boston Globe's newsfeed for New England regional and American national news, but I'm not satisfied with it - it's good for local news, but there isn't enough national-scale content for my taste.

What is a good, relatively balanced/objective daily American news source that can be followed in a feedreader?

I'm looking for an American-focused equivalent of the BBC news site and its newsfeed- the day's headlines, some analysis, the source you'd check to quickly find out what was happening on a given day, but preferably leaning more towards serious issues and not so heavy on the wacky/offbeat/sensational (like whenever I visit cnn.com, it feels like no matter what huge crisis is going on, half of their Latest News headlines are things like "Chicago granny kickboxes mugger!").
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There's no real equivalent of BBC in the US. I'd say the closest thing would be NPR (feed here).
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the reuters news feeds are reasonable. i also follow some washington post feeds for national news.
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Response by poster: Sorry - clarification: I know that the US doesn't have an equivalent of the actual BBC. I just really like the BBC's news website (its format, breadth of coverage, and seriousness), and I'm hoping to find something like that but focused on American news. This could also include American newspapers with online presences like the New York Times.
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I check NPR and get the headlines delivered from the Washington Post and the New York Times. Between all three I feel reasonably informed
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Google News US Feed
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I like to read slate.com's "what's in American newspapers' headlines" every day.

It's also one of the best sources of non-asinine political commentary I've ever seen.
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USA Today?
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...is for the continents, not the nation, but may be handy.
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I second Slate's "Today's Papers" feature. It summarizes what's in the major American daily newspapers every morning. They have an rss feed.
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How about the International Herald Tribune - US news for the global audience. Between that and the NYT, seems to cover me for US news.
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Response by poster: Sweet - thanks for these pointers, everyone! This is exactly the kind of info I was thinking about.
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I like the NYT + Slate newsfeeds; that's what I follow and feel relatively up to date after I read them.
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