My worst nightmare has become true: I've turned 30! What now?
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My worst nightmare has become true: I've turned 30! What now?

Just yesterday I was an 18-year kid old full of dreams and hope; e.g. being rich at 22, which of course didn't happen.

Now I'm a 30 y.o. fart with a good job, a cute 23 y.o. girlfriend, know 22 countries, have a decent life, some nice savings, but I'm still not satisfied. I feel there's something missing in my life, don't know whether it's personal or professional-wise.

I finished college, am going for an MBA, I'm even writing a (technical) book! I'm not interested in planting trees or having kids at this time, therefore I'll take as many suggestions to what to do with my life from now on.

Talk amongst yourselves.
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So lemme get this are dating a woman 7 years younger than have traveled to 22 foreign have a secure seem to have some ambition for the future. My advice is to stop whining and appreciate the blessed life you live. FWIW, I am turning 30 next month.
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Maybe you need a girlfriend who you can describe as “interesting” rather than just “cute.”
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And to answer the question: Learn something hard. Really hard, that will take years and years to perfect.

Croissants. Difficult. Really. Start now.
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As a 37 year old guy, I can tell you my 30s have been WAY BETTER than my 20s. I would never have predicted that.
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Best answer: If everyone else I know is any indication, have your 30 crisis in a few months. Go through a breakup in which you realize your previous ideal has no bearing on where you want your life to be, consider changing careers, move to a new city, stop giving a crap what people think and quit bragging about your life while bemoaning how old 30 feels on the internet.
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Best answer: You feel like there's something missing from your life, but you don't know what it is. Your post suggests that to the extent that you have thought of goals, you have either accomplished those goals or are working towards them. So whatever it is that is missing must lie outside of the universe of things you already know you want to do. Thus, my first piece of advice is to do something you do NOT want to do with as open a mind as possible. For example, you say you're not interested in "planting trees." Have you ever done it? Are you involved in any activities that bring you close to nature? Are you involved in any activities that help the community or the less fortunate? Perhaps you should start by finding such an activity and committing to do it for several months. Remember, not wanting to do it is not enough to indicate that this activity is definitely not going to provide you with an experience or hobby that makes the "something missing" feeling go away, so don't be deterred.

My next piece of advice is to do something that leaves you totally indifferent. I can't possibly know what this would be for you -- maybe a math class, if you don't care about math? A cooking class? Find random lists of things that you can do in your spare time, because you're not likely to think of something like this yourself. Same principle as before.

Finally, consider that the problem is not, as has been laughingly suggested, that something is actually missing. Perhaps the problem is that you feel as though something is missing, when nothing is. If you decide that this is likely to be the case, then try to examine where that feeling is coming from. Have you had to struggle until now, and suddenly don't know what to do when you're not having to overcome difficulties? Do you feel like your life doesn't conform to society's expectations? Are you bored by your job, your partner, or your use of your free time? Etc.

I hope that future posters will be a little more sensitive than the first two. The feeling that the poster describes is very common, and it does not make him a bad person or an object for ridicule.
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What are you doing for anyone but yourself? Serving food or helping with the rent at a shelter? YOu are no longer a teenager, maybe it is time to look outward instead of inward.
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Learn to crochet. Meditate. Do yoga. Wear sunscreen. Be kind to young children, the elderly, and small animals. Reread your questions before clicking post. Learn some humility. Step back and take a look at yourself. Sheesh.
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