My house needs design help
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Are there places on the internet that offer free interior design advice?

There are a few rooms in our house that need a major overhaul, but I have absolutely no interior design skills. I need some decorating ideas for the living room, and advice about possibly knocking down a wall/putting a wall in a different place in an entryway.

I'd rather hold off on spending $ on hiring designers or architects right now. I was thinking that I could take some pictures of the rooms in question and link to them when asking for advice at design sites or blogs. Do such sites or blogs that give this kind of advice even exist?
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apartment therapy does a "good questions" series, wherein readers email design questions (submissions with photos are preferred) to get advice. The advice can be fairly random, but it is free and sometimes quite good.
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HGTV has Rate My Space which has pictures that people put up of rooms they've done. It's not exactly "advice" per se, but people comment and give their opinions and ideas.
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